How to beat Hornet in Hollow Knight


The Hornet in Hollow Knight could be challenging to defeat. Here is how to bring your A-game to defeat this boss.

Hornet is a significant character in the story and you will learn a lot about him as you progress through the game.

The Hornet is not that easy to defeat given its outstanding speed and strength. So to bring it down you should be aware of what is capable of and what kind of attacks it is capable of using. This would help you understand Hornets’s abilities and what kind of gameplay you will have to pursue to defeat it in Hollow Knight.

Let’s have a look at how To bring down Hornet in Hollow Knight.

Hornet in Hollow Knight
How to beat Hornet in Hollow Knight 2

How to beat Hornet in Hollow Knight

Hornet is the 1st boss you will come across in the Western part of the green path area before you reach the lake of Unn in Hollow Knight. In order to progress through the game you will have to bring down Hornet in Hollow Knight.

Given that this is the 1st battle that you would be fighting, Hornet will be using very basic kinds of attacks. They are extremely quick and can take up a lot of space especially when Hornet throws her weapon needle at you.

First Hornet would jump into the air and throw the needle and thread around the room rapidly in the mid-air. This attack specifically takes up a lot of screen space on your device, so it would not give you a clear vision of where the Hornet is attacking from. During this phase of hornet, she can attack from both on the ground and in the air. But if you are quick and alert you can wait for the right moment when she lands down and strike at her at moment.

Hornet Attack patterns

Diagonal Slash

This is the second attack of Hornet in Hollow Knight You would be able to recognize this attack when Hornet hops backward towards one side of the room. This means that she is preparing to use this attack on you. If you plan your time aptly this would be a great chance to get in an attack when she lands, especially if you jump where she is heading and then use your attack from above.

Ground Slash

This is the 3rd attack that Hornet would be unleashing in the battle. This is similar to the Diagonal Slash but it’s on the ground. This one is a bit easy And is your window to attack from above if you timed it precisely.

Needle attack

In this attack style, the Hornet will throw Throw the needle all the way across the room before it comes back to her like a boomerang. This would be her last attack and it is a difficult one to get the timing right. Planning your timing in this one could be difficult especially if you are caught by the returning needle as you would try to land a sideways Slash.

But the weakness of This attack is that she can only use it from the ground and performs a notable wind-up. Her needle travels in a linear path so it can be dodged by a single jump if the player time it correctly. But remember that this needle throw is like a boomerang so it can still hate you on Its way back to its master so be sure to stay out of the attacks the entire time even while the Hornet is at the first place.

Overall it’s safe to say that dodging the needle from Hornet in the Hollow Knight is the most prominent defense mechanism that you can use against her. Apart from that you can attack Hornet after she implements her – an attack on NAOE attack as these 2 have AoE damage.

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