How to Beat Absorbing Man in MCOC



You can defeat the Absorbing Man boss in Marvel Contest of Champions by following our easy guide and walkthrough. Here are some MCOC tips and tricks you’ll need to beat the Absorbing Man.

Marvel Contest of Champions the mighty mobile based action game that has popular Marvel stars as its heroes and villains is coming out with new challenges and boss fights every month. As of now, players of the Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) will be able to summon their heroes from 200 Marvel stars. For every new quest and boss fight in MCOC, you will be able to use new powers, moves, and classes. Right now, the boss fights will take place in the familiar locations of Wakanda and Asgard.

MCOC Challenges are quite easy, but the opponents are mighty. You need to use the best Marvel moves and traits to win the MCOC strategic battles. Out of many champions in MCOC, you will be tasked with a mighty challenge against the Absorbing Man. Absorbing Man is an intimidating boss in MCOC, as he’s been in the prison for over years and come ls out with Asgardian Magic and Potion. With so many abilities and powers, The Absorbing Man is a valiant champion in the game. Here’s the best guide and strategy to defeat the Absorbing Man champion in MCOC.

MCOC Absorbing Man Gameplay
Absorbing Man Gameplay

Tips to Defeat Absorbing Man in MCOC

The Absorbing Man boss has different abilities and you can counter the boss by exploiting his weaknesses in MCOC. Check everything about the boss in MCOC.

His main ability Molecular Duplication can stop your attacks and debuffs, this ability also increases his Critical resistance rate. Absorbing Man is immune to 8 unique skills and this makes it tougher for the champions to defeat him. Absorbing Man can transform his basic attacks into powerful damage. The only way to defeat the Absorbing Man is to analyze his weakness and use the best potions and moves in MCOC.

You can unleash the critical resistance and degeneration powers to negate his health. Absorbing Man is also weaker to poison and direct damage. You can also inflict heavy attacks and melee combos to overcome his moves and powers in the Arena. The melee combos can be used to stun the Absorbing Man boss and gain an advantage in every phase of the battle.

Several potions, Eldrtich spells, and mastery can all be used to inflict massive attacks on the Absorbing Man boss. All these can be implemented to defeat the Absorbing Man easily without struggling hard.

More Tips for Absorbing Man Boss Fight 

Initially, the boss will come with three unique buffs. One is the Precision, next is Regeneration forms, and the Black Uru. These are his strengths in the first phase as Absorbing Man can deal explosive damage and he can stun you with his moves. Again the boss will have max HP and shield protection. Absorbing Man will be resistant to shock effects, potions, and bleed in phase 1. His Magma form allows him to transform his moves and attacks, this can be a challenging task for you to overcome his moves as the boss keeps changing his attacks and combinations to make it harder for you.

His special attacks will be faster and he gains a recurring nightmare buff that will enhance his Health for most of the battle. Human Torch, Magic, Scorpion, Hercules, and Archangel can be your best heroes to use against the boss. Everyone has different skills including, poison void, heal reversal, heavy attacks, damage over time, and more to tackle against the Absorbing Man.

Whenever the boss transforms his form, you need to throw a Poison or any other potion to stop his attacks and avoid getting damaged. That’s the only way to overcome the special attacks of the absorbing man boss. Use power lock, Hulk rage, healing factor, heal block, and more abilities to overcome his other moves and combinations. Your health will be drained whenever you are attacked by the boss.

mcoc absorbing man
How to Beat Absorbing Man in MCOC 3

The heal block has been the best move to use against the Absorbing Man and the heavy attacks can gradually decrease the boss’ health. You also need to overcome his SP1 and SP2 by punishing them with a potion or poison.

Remember that Absorbing Man often changes his basic attacks, resistances, and burst damage according to the opponents. Exploit his weakness by dealing direct damage along with Poison and Degeneration. The best champion who can deal massive direct damage with Degeneration in the game includes  Mister Sinister, Void, and Venom Pool.

Despair, Stupefy, Limber, and Deep Wound have the best mastery points in MCOC, and these can be utilized with your champions to reduce his debuff and health. You need to stick to your strategy and overcome his different forms and moves to complete the battle.

Heal Blocks, Degeneration, Direct Damage, and Potions, all need to be used regularly in the battle against Absorbing Man. Once you inflict damage with these moves and potions, the boss becomes weaker and starts losing his HP. Whenever you find him losing energy and HP, blend your position and direct attacks to deal x2 damage. Absorbing Man’s attacks and HP becomes weaker in the final phase. Once you drain his HP to nil, then a cutscene comes to indicate that you have defeated the absorbing man boss.

That’s how the battle against the mighty boss in MCOC goes. His different forms and intimidating moves will be tougher for any champion in MCOC, but eventually, you can knock him out by exploiting his weaknesses and using the right attacks and strategies. Defeat and Kill the Absorbing Man, and get your rewards and basic resources that will also help you to scale up the leaderboard in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Defeat the Absorbing Man boss, get your rewards, and unlock new missions and boss challenges in MCOC. We will be back with more MCOC updates and guides soon.

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