How to 3 Star Painter Queen Challenge in Clash of Clans



You can 3 Star the Painter Queen challenge raid in Clash of Clans by following our simple tips and strategies.

The Clash of Clans Color Fest Event is live and the developers have added a couple of challenges for all villagers. Painter Queen Challenge is the second raid in the Color Fest event that’s been released as a part of Holi celebrations. This raid is a challenging task and you need to get 3 stars for getting rewards which include experience points and some gems. 

The Painter Queen challenge is designed by Sumit 007 and will be available for a month in Clash of Clans. Completing the challenge may require more attempts and hours as the opponents’ base is powerful with maxed upgrades and resources. You need to deploy powerful troops to get 3 stars. To those who are finding it difficult, here is our CoC guide with the best tips and strategies to complete the Painter Queen challenge and get 3 stars in the raid.

Clash of Clans Star Painter Queen Challenge Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

Equip the best set of troops and spells to 3 Star this Painter Queen challenge. Here are the best tricks and strategies to win this raid,

Painter Queen Challenge
  • Deploy Barbarians and Sneaky Goblins to demolish gold mines and elixir storage. You can also use archers. 
  • Rage, Invisibility, and Freeze Spells are required and you can use them against different bases.
  • After damaging elixir storage and gold mine resources, use electro dragon to destroy air defense and other resources nearby.
  • Then go with giants and archers for the elixir collector. You can use rage spells to quickly demolish all these. Destroy the elixir collector and other small units nearby 
  • Attack Tesla towers with balloons and dragons, use wall breakers, and deploy archers to demolish monoliths and gold storage.
  • Then you can go with dragons, balloons, and goblins to damage the archer tower.
  • Deploy dragon rider, healer, and queen with an invisibility spell to attack resources near the town hall and archer tower.
  • Deploy more goblins, and giants with Poison spells to demolish scattershot and clan castle
  • Use a freeze spell on the town hall and unleash rocket balloons, queen, king, and baby dragons. Use queen abilities and invisibility spell to attack faster
  • Use freeze spells continuously to completely demolish the town hall and other nearby resources, once done you should be able to 3 Star this Painter Queen challenge.

Using these troops and spells will easily get you Three-star Achievement in this Painter Queen raid. You will get rewards which include,

  • 400 Experience
  • 20 Gems
  • One Training Potion (Magic Item)

Follow our tips and strategies to win the Painter Queen challenge in Clash of Clans. Then you can complete other raids in the Color Fest Event to get more rewards. We will come back with more CoC updates and guides soon.

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