Genshin Impact Momoka Leaks – New Geo Character, Release Date, and more

Genshin Impact Momoka Leaks

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There are some latest Genshin Impact Momoka Leaks. This leak is going to give you more details about the latest character.

Genshin Impact 3.5 update has shown new playable characters, Dehya and Mika, along with a lot of quests, challenges, enemies, and exciting events. Additionally, players can expect to see several reruns in Version 3.5. While players are still enjoying the latest update, leaks about Genshin 3.6 are already circulating online. It is revealing some fascinating details about future updates. 

MiHoYo is constantly expanding the game’s gacha pool, with an array of new characters set to join the game shortly. Although the developers have officially announced a couple of Genshin 3.6 characters, there is little information about the highly anticipated Genshin Impact Momoka character. Below in this article, we will discuss all the Genshin Impact Momoka Leaks. We will also highlight the release date and more. Unfortunately, miHoYo has yet to confirm when the character will be available to play in the game. As a result, players will have to wait patiently for further updates from the developers.

Genshin Impact Momoka Leaks

Genshin Impact players will be thrilled to know that there is a new character on the list- Momoka. Although we only know her name, physical appearance, rarity, and nationality, recent Genshin Impact Momoka leaks have unveiled her in-game character model. This provides fans with their long-awaited opportunity to embrace a cat-eared character.

Momoka is a short, fair-skinned female with blue and brown cat ears. Her attire and overall appearance are reminiscent of Gorou. There is a rock and roll aesthetic and a blue outfit with golden accents. She is dressed in provocative black and blue clothing. It includes a brown Inazuma-style crop top with a large, yellow omamori knot and a bell in the center.

Moreover, Momoka has blonde hair that falls to her waist and wears a Geo vision emblem around her waist. There is still no official confirmation about when she will be added to the game. The newly leaked details have undoubtedly stirred up excitement among Genshin Impact players.

Genshin Impact Momoka Leaks: Release Date

According to recent leaks from reliable sources, Momoka, the new Geo Catgirl character, is set to make her debut in the upcoming patch 3.7 update. At present, HoYoverse officials have not released any information about the roadmap for future patches. However, it’s worth noting that developers typically follow a standard 6-week patch cycle, which provides fans with an estimate for potential release dates of upcoming patches.

Based on this cycle, the speculative dates for the upcoming patch 3.7 banners are:

Phase I – Around May 24, 2023, Phase II – Around June 14, 2023.

Keep in mind that these dates are subject to change and are based on the assumption that the current Genshin Impact 3.5 and future version 3.6 updates will last 42 days (6 weeks). While it is likely that the new 5-star character will debut in the first half of the new version updates, fans should still wait for official confirmation from the developers before making any concrete plans.

Momoka’s role

According to Genshin Impact Momoka Leaks, she is speculated to be an important character in the Inazuma storyline of Genshin Impact. This is because she hails from that region and is expected to play a crucial role in advancing the plot through her key storylines and quests. Momoka’s intriguing character design has already garnered a lot of attention from the game’s fanbase, who are eagerly anticipating her debut. Although there have been various rumors and leaks about her appearance, it’s unclear whether her cat-like features are genuine or not.

Is Momoka a 5-star character?

Momoka’s rarity caused some confusion among Genshin Impact players initially, with leaks suggesting that she might be either a 4-star or a 5-star character. However, based on input from data miners and the community, it’s likely that Momoka will be a rare 5-star character.

Meanwhile, it was revealed early on by reputable leakers that Momoka would be joining the game as a playable character with a unique vision of a cat-eared Geo lady. This information generated significant excitement among the game’s fanbase, many of whom eagerly anticipate Momoka’s debut. Well-known Genshin Impact leaker Mero has confirmed that Momoka is a rare 5-star character. 

Genshin Impact Momoka Leaks: Gameplay and Weapon

Despite not having seen her in action yet, Mero has disclosed that Momoka’s gameplay revolves around her shield abilities and sword-fighting skills. Regarding Momoka’s signature weapon, data miners have been unable to find any information on it, and miHoYo has yet to officially announce her development or release.

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