Valorant Gekko Guide – How to Use Abilities, Best Maps, and more


If you are thinking to play as Gekkko in Valorant then hold on for a moment. Take a look at the Valorant Gekko Guide so that you can get strong.

Valorant has recently revealed the first of three new Agents set to join the game this year, Gekko, during VCT//LOCK IN’s matches and an impressive animated trailer. Representing both Los Angeles and the United States, Gekko is the latest addition to the powerful roster.

Gamers can expect to get their hands on this new Agent with the Episode 6 Act 2 update. It is set to release on March 7-8, depending on your region. As an Initiator, Gekko is expected to offer players a unique gameplay experience. It comes with a set of Radianite creatures in his arsenal. Gekko’s skills and interactions set him and his charming little creatures apart from the rest. This truly making him a one-of-a-kind addition to the game. The Valorant Gekko Guide below will help you to use abilities and also the best maps for Gekko.

Valorant Gekko Guide: Gameplay

Discovering how to effectively employ Gekko’s unique Radianite creatures in a range of scenarios can be a game-changer in Valorant. Due to his unconventional kit, Gekko requires unorthodox strategies to make the most of his abilities. Despite appearing weaker than other traditional Initiators initially, Gekko is a valuable asset in combat situations. This creates distractions and disorienting enemies to make it challenging to deal with him when the site is under attack.

With his Radianite creatures, Gekko adds very strong support to any Valorant team composition. This allows players to execute previously unattainable plays. Additionally, this Agent has some similarities with Reyna. He offers unique abilities that can give players an advantage over their opponents.

Valorant Gekko Guide: Abilities

Dizzy (E Ability)

One of Gekko’s standout abilities is his creature “Dizzy,” which can be launched forward by pressing Fire. This sends the creature flying like a grenade, bouncing off walls and leaving a trail of blue color that blinds any enemies caught in its path for a brief period.

Once Dizzy is either shot down or expires, it transforms into a glob on the ground that Gekko can pick back up after a short cooldown period. This ability is particularly useful in disorienting enemies. It is especially for those who are holding angles. A player who is guarding a breakable door near A link on Lotus can be caught off guard by Dizzy if used skillfully. With its unique properties, Dizzy can prove to be a valuable tool for players looking to outwit their opponents in Valorant.

Wingman (Q Ability)

Gekko’s second ability in Valorant is his creature called Wingman, which can be launched forward in a straight line by pressing Fire. Upon reaching the first enemy player, it releases a concussive blast in a triangular Area of Effect (AoE).

In addition to its offensive capabilities, Wingman can be used to plant or defuse the Spike, regardless of whether Gekko is carrying it or not. This frees up the player to continue fighting without having to sit on the Spike.

Like Dizzy, Wingman can also be picked back up by Gekko after a short cooldown period. As this ability requires a specific scenario to be useful, players must read the game and use Wingman strategically. For example, in a post-plant defuse situation, baiting out mollies and other utilities with Wingman can be advantageous for defenders. Scoping out pre-placed utility and pushing players sitting on lineups is pointless in such scenarios. By using Wingman effectively, players can gain a competitive edge in Valorant.

Mosh Pit (C Ability)

Gekko’s third and final regular ability is Mosh Pit, a small creature that creates a circular Area of Effect (AoE) that deals significant damage to players over time. To deploy Mosh Pit, players can either overhand throw it with primary fire or underhand throw it with secondary fire. However, this ability has been counterbalanced by reducing its uptime to just four seconds.

Unfortunately, the Mosh Pit creature cannot be retrieved after usage as it explodes, dealing damage and disappearing. This ability can be used to prevent opponents from defusing in the last few seconds or to clear out corners more quickly, especially when combined with other abilities like Raze’s grenades. Mosh Pit can also create space in front of the team or hold the backline long enough for support to arrive. By using Mosh Pit effectively, players can gain a strategic advantage in Valorant.

Gekko's creature
Gekko’s creature

Thrash (X/Ultimate Ability)

Gekko’s Ultimate ability, called Thrash, is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled player. Once equipped, pressing Fire allows the player to control the movement of a creature that can be likened to Skye’s Dog. This creature can be propelled forward and detonated, causing a massive explosion that will detain any enemy players caught in its radius for a short period.

Interestingly, like Gekko’s other abilities, Thrash transforms into an interactable glob that can be reclaimed. However, it can only be reclaimed once, so players need to use it wisely.

Thrash can be used in various ways, such as detaining enemy players who are camping at the bomb site or holding smaller areas and chokepoints. It is crucial to read the opponent’s movements and make an informed decision about when to use Thrash effectively.

Valorant Gekko Guide: Best Maps

Since Gekko is an Initiator, he can be used to gather information and clear out enemy positions with his abilities. Therefore, maps that have tight corners, chokepoints, and small areas, where the enemy team may be hiding or defending, could be a good fit for Gekko.

Some examples of such maps are Split, Ascent, and Bind. Split has narrow pathways and corners that can be cleared out by Gekko’s Mosh Pit ability. Ascent has several chokepoints that can be utilized by Gekko’s Wingman and Dizzy abilities to disorient and confuse the enemy team. Bind has several small areas and narrow passageways where Gekko’s abilities can be used to take control of the situation.

However, it’s worth noting that Gekko’s abilities can be used on any map in Valorant, and their effectiveness may vary based on the situation and the enemy team’s composition. 

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