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Discover best Honkai Star Rail Xueyi Team Builds. Unleash her potential with the best-suited allies for strategic and powerful gameplay.

Playing games where you take turns isn’t a new thing, but Honkai: Star Rail makes it interesting. In this game, when you’re fighting, it’s not just about making a strong team to do a lot of damage. You also need to pay attention to the enemy’s Weakness to make them less tough and trigger a Weakness Break. When a Weakness Break happens, it causes two types of damage: one right away and the other at the start of the enemy’s turn as a kind of ongoing damage. Both damages depend on something called the Break Effect in Honkai: Star Rail.

Having a high Break Effect seems good, but it’s not practical to always make the character with the highest Break Effect trigger the Weakness Break. That’s where characters like Ruan Mei and Xueyi come in. Ruan Mei helps with Weakness Break, and Xueyi’s abilities are focused on the Break Effect. With them, players can do their best to use and play around with this Break Effect stat. To make Xueyi as effective as possible, here are some team combinations in Honkai: Star Rail that players can try.

Honkai Star Rail Xueyi Team Builds

1. Xueyi + Ruan Mei + Luka + Healer

If you want Xueyi to do the most damage, you can bring a debuff like Luka or Pela. But since Xueyi’s Ultimate targets one enemy, Luka is better for single targets, while Pela is better for group fights.

Honkai Star Rail Xueyi Team Builds

Ruan Mei only needs to use her skill once every three turns and Luka’s debuff lasts for three turns. So, this team has more Skill Points than it needs. Players can bring any healer they like, and a good choice is Huohuo. Huohuo heals only with her skill, so players need to use it often to keep the team alive. In a team with extra Skill Points, this is not a problem.

Each time Huohuo uses her skill, she gets more energy, allowing her to use her Ultimate more frequently. This helps the whole team regain a lot of energy, making Xueyi trigger Weakness Break faster with her Ultimate.

2. Xueyi + Silver Wolf + Seele + Lynx

If you only have Silver Wolf in your team, you can create a Xueyi team that focuses on a group with only Quantum characters. In this team, you can swap Seele with Qingque or use Fu Xuan instead of Lynx, but it’s generally better to stick with Seele and Lynx. Qingque needs a lot of Skill Points and isn’t as flexible as Seele. Fu Xuan is good, but if you make a mistake and have low health, her healing is too small to be reliable.


The idea of this team is to let Silver Wolf make the enemy weak to Quantum attacks, and then have Seele and Xueyi wear down the enemy’s toughness. When there’s enough toughness left, use Xueyi to break the enemy’s weakness.

3. Xueyi + Ruan Mei + Silver Wolf + March 7th

Having Ruan Mei in Xueyi’s team is crucial because she provides excellent support for Xueyi’s way of playing. Ruan Mei gives bonuses to the Break Effect stat, improves Weakness Break efficiency, and even delays the enemy’s actions, which the Quantum break already does. Having Genius Society Member #81 in the team can really boost Xueyi’s performance.


Since both Xueyi and Ruan Mei focus on Weakness Break, adding Silver Wolf to the team, who can make any enemy weak, is a perfect choice. After that, players need a healer or shielder with Quantum or Ice Element. This ensures that Silver Wolf only applies either Quantum or Ice weakness, allowing the team to consistently reduce the enemy’s Toughness.

There are a few options for this role, like Lynx, Gepard, March 7th, and Fu Xuan. Here’s a brief look at what each character brings:

  • Lynx: A standard healer that heals through skills and the ultimate. Doesn’t add much else to the team.
  • Fu Xuan: A defender who significantly reduces the damage taken by the team. Comes with some buffs, but isn’t particularly relevant to this Xueyi team composition.
  • Gepard: Shields with the ultimate and can Freeze with the skill.
  • March 7th: Shields with the skill and has a talent that works well with Xueyi’s talent if March counterattacks an enemy with Ice’s weakness. March’s ultimate hits all enemies, so it may trigger Weakness Break often, working well with Ruan Mei. The Frozen effect she provides adds an extra layer of protection to the team. She can also heal when her E6 is unlocked.

Best Team Members For Xuey in Honkai: Star Rail

Xueyi is a character with Quantum abilities, capable of causing damage to multiple enemies with her Skill and subsequent moves. Additionally, she inflicts significant damage to a single target with her Ultimate. What sets her apart is that her Ultimate lowers an enemy’s Toughness, even if they aren’t naturally vulnerable to Quantum attacks.

1. Hanya

  • Path – Harmony 
  • Combat Type – Physical 
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  • Skill Point-positive characters, with Hanya being a top choice in the current meta.
  • Hanya’s unique SP-regenerating ability when using her Skill on an enemy.
  • Generates an extra Skill Point every two attacks on the targeted enemy.
  • Downside: Hanya’s buff applies to only one enemy at a time.
  • A potential limitation in the presence of multiple enemies, as Xueyi’s follow-up is random.
  • Compensation: Hanya’s Ultimate provides ATK and SPD boosts, addressing the drawbacks.

2. Seele

  • Path – The Hunt 
  • Combat Type – Quantum 
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  • Alternative use: Xueyi as a sub-DPS alongside another DPS in a team
  • Seele identified as the best candidate due to shared combat type, creating a viable team, particularly with Silver Wolf
  • Drawback: Both Seele and Xueyi demand a significant amount of Skill Points
  • Solution: To optimize their performance, incorporate SP-positive characters into the team

3. Tingyun

  • Path – Harmony 
  • Combat Type – Lightning 


  • Tingyun’s fate in Honkai: Star Rail’s main story may not be the best, but she shines in the game’s combat meta.
  • Tingyun can buff an ally’s DMG, ATK, Energy, and SPD, especially with a specific Eidolon.
  • These buffs are ideal for Xueyi as they directly enhance her damage, enabling more frequent use of the Weakness-ignoring Ultimate.
  • Caution: Be mindful of the DMG boost, considering Xueyi’s already substantial damage from the Break Effect stat.

4. Silver Wolf

  • Path – Nihility 
  • Combat Type – Quantum 


  • Xueyi’s effectiveness heavily relies on having the right combat types in the team to damage the enemy’s Toughness bar.
  • Solution: Pairing Xueyi with Silver Wolf prevents this issue.
  • Silver Wolf, a Nihility character, can apply Weakness to an enemy matching one of your teammate’s combat types.
  • Simplifies triggering Xueyi’s follow-up attack, ensuring synergy.
  • Bonus: Silver Wolf shares the same combat type as Xueyi, enabling the formation of mono-Quantum teams.

5. Ruan Mei

  • Path – Harmony 
  • Combat Type – Ice 


  • Initial impression: Ruan Mei’s kit appears to complement Xueyi well due to their shared focus on the enemy’s Toughness bar.
  • Reality check: Despite their synergy, there are drawbacks, that impact Ruan Mei’s lower ranking on this list.
  • Advantage: Ruan Mei’s Ultimate can delay the enemy’s recovery after breaking Weakness.
  • Drawback: During the Weakness Broken state caused by Ruan Mei, Xueyi cannot accumulate stacks for her follow-up, making their team somewhat counter-productive.

6. Asta

  • Path – Harmony 
  • Combat Type – Fire 


  • Asta, an often overlooked Harmony character, possesses a valuable ability to grant significant SPD to allies, crucial for endgame content.
  • SPD boost benefits Xueyi, allowing her more turns and consequently more stacks for the follow-up attack.
  • Asta’s Skill hits up to five enemies randomly, and if any of them have Fire Weakness, Xueyi gains an additional stack for her follow-up.
  • Combined with Asta’s ATK boost, this synergy makes them a strong and effective duo.

7. Topaz & Numby

  • Path – The Hunt 
  • Combat Type – Fire 


  • Characters relying on follow-up attacks faced challenges in Honkai: Star Rail’s meta until Topaz emerged.
  • Topaz possesses the unique ability to enhance all allies’ follow-up DMG on a single enemy, particularly beneficial when battling bosses.
  • Xueyi’s follow-up attack, with three hits spread randomly among enemies, consolidates all hits on a lone enemy if it’s the only one present.
  • Significantly boost damage from Xueyi’s hits by applying Topaz’s mark to that solitary enemy.


Crafting effective team builds for Xueyi in Honkai Star Rail requires a thoughtful combination of characters that synergize well with her unique abilities. Whether focusing on Skill Point regeneration, exploiting weaknesses, or enhancing follow-up attacks, the best teams cater to Xueyi’s strengths while mitigating potential drawbacks. Experimenting with various team compositions and understanding each character’s role ensures players can unleash Xueyi’s full potential and excel in the dynamic challenges of Honkai Star Rail.

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