Gundam Evolution Tier List – All Units Ranked (September 2022)


Here is the Gundam Evolution tier list that will help you to find out the best units that you can use to defeat your opponents.

Teams of six players each fight against each other in Gundam Evolution, a team-based shooter in which they have different goals to accomplish on the map. The goals vary depending on the game mode. There are three types of games: Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction. Each unit may perform quite differently depending on the type of game.

Playing Point Capture requires players to attack the opposing team and take their points. Playing Domination involves the teams trying to take three points from each other. Players in Destruction try to activate or stop an opposing team’s weapon of mass destruction. So, in order to win, you will need the best units in the game. The Gundam Evolution tier list will help you to find out the best units. 

Gundam Evolution Tier List

S Tier

Gundam Evolution UnitsRating
Gundam Barbatos5 Stars
Sazabi4 Stars
Unicorn Gundam3 Stars
Zaku II [Melee]3 Stars

A Tier

Gundam Evolution UnitsRating
GM Sniper II4 Stars
Gundam4 Stars
Mahiroo3 Stars
Methuss4 Stars
Zaku II [Ranged]5 Stars

B Tier

Gundam Evolution UnitsRating
Asshimar4 Stars
DOM Trooper2 Star
Gundam Exia5 Stars
Pale Rider3 Stars

C Tier

Gundam Evolution UnitsRating
GM3 Stars
Guntank2 Star
Marassai4 Stars
Turn A Gundam3 Stars

EVO coins are special currency players can use to unlock new units. To earn these coins, players must play matches, complete quests, and spend real money. For a solid start, we recommend using the characters from the S-tier. They are among the best characters in the game, and their chances of winning are significantly higher.

There are some Gundam Evolution units in the A-tier list that has a low performance than their counterparts in the S-tier. They are still highly rated, but not quite as good as those in the top tier.

The list of tiers we created might not quite match what you had in mind. There’s a chance that the characters at the lower tiers are more effective for you. How each player approaches the game will determine how it is played. Although it is well worth your effort, we strongly advise you to check out some of the characters on our tier list.

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