Gold Pokestops in Pokemon Go – How to Find, Rewards, and More



Looking for best ways to evolve Ghimmighoul in Pokemon Go? You can do the same in Gold Pokestops. Check our guide to find more about Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops and ways to evolve Ghimmighoul.

The next new event is live now in Pokemon Go. Searching for Gold Research Day, the latest event of Pokemon Go is on with many field research tasks and activities. You can complete tasks and earn a bunch of exclusive rewards along with some new Pokemon as well. There will also be many Pokestops during the event. But trainers wonder if any Gold Pokestops actually exist. Gold Pokestops are rare to find as they only appear in some special Pokemon Go events.

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The Gold Pokestops are back in this Searching for Gold Research Day event. You can also encounter various Pokemon in the wild by completing some field research tasks during the event. Those players who are yet to evolve Gimmighoul roaming form can now evolve it using Gimmighoul Coins. Here’s all about the Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops and how to evolve Gimmighoul in the game.

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Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops – All You Need to Know

Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops
Gold Pokestops in Pokemon Go

Generally in Pokemon Go Pokestops, Trainers collect eggs, items, and poke balls.  But the scenario is completely different in Gold Pokestops. Here you get more Ghimmighoul coins and other items as well. With these, you can evolve Gimmighoul without the need for Candy. The latest Searching for Gold Research Day Event has brought a couple of Gold Pokestops and you can try your luck out there in these places.  Here’s what you can do in the new Golden Pokestops of Pokemon Go.

Get to random Pokestops and use the Golden Lure Module to turn it into Golden Pokestops. Next, you can spin PhotoDiscs here at Golden Pokestops and collect some Ghimmighoul coins as well. With more Ghimmighoul coins, you can use them to evolve Ghimmighoul into Gholdengo. Remember that you must spend 999 Ghimmighoul coins to complete the evolution form.

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If you use the Golden Lure Module, you have a great chance of spawning a Ghimmighoul there itself. If the lure is not used, the Pokemon doesn’t spawn. You can also catch other wild species throughout the event at these random Gold Pokestops in Pokemon Go.

For this Pokemon Go Searching for Gold Research Day Event in 2023, your Gold Pokestops rewards include both Gimmighoul coins and Gimmighoul. Complete other tasks to unlock all rewards and new wild Pokemon as well.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Gold Pokestops locations and rewards in our guide. We will come back with more Pokemon Go updates and guides soon.

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