How to catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO


Kecleon has been introduced in Pokemon as a part of the January 2023 Community Day event. Before we run out of time to catch Kecleon in Pokemon Go, here is everything you need to know.

After a long waiting, Pokémon trainers can finally complete their Hoenn collection as one of the rarest and most difficult-to-catch Pokémon, Kecleon is here. Kecleon has made a surprise appearance in Pokémon GO this year with a new catching mechanism.

The color swap Pokémon was expected to arrive as a part of the Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event in February, but to their surprise, it came way before that on January 7, 2023, as the Chespin Community Day came to an end.

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How to catch Kecleon in Pokemon GO 3

If you haven’t found Kecleon yet here is everything to know about the slippery Pokémon.

How to find and catch Kecleon in Pokemon Go?

Kecleon can be found at random PokeStops so make sure that you come across all the PokeStops that you find in order to spot a Kecleon. Now the question is how do you recognize a Kecleon even if you come across one?

Kecleon would be easily visible to you because even though it has an invisible form, it can be seen hanging onto the PokeStop Disc. If you spin it, a message will pop up that due to the presence of an invisible object, you cannot spin the PokeStop Disc.

If this happens, the next step you have to do to make sure that the invisible object is Kecleon is to keep tapping on Kecleon until it disappears from the PokeStop Disc. After it disappears from there it should spawn on the map nearby and then you will be able to begin the catching process like you catch the other Wild Pokémon.

kecleon pokemon go

The catching rate of Kecleon is not very sure and there are chances that it flees off easily upon you targeting it. To avoid this you can use tricks and give your best chance to catch the Color Swap Pokémon Kecleon in Pokémon Go.

The tricks that should help you are Ultra Balls, Pinap Berries, and also landing some perfect Curveball Throws.

It’s not clear how long Kecleon will be available in Pokémon GO. It’s likely that it is only valid till the big events like Community Days end, so if you haven’t caught any Kecleon yet it is recommended that you try to get at least one of them before this event ends.

But here is some good news for the Poketrainers. It is most likely possible that a shiny version of Kecleon will make an appearance in the Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event in Las Vegas. And those who won’t be able to attend the Las Vegas event can also wait for a chance to get a Kecleon with a shiny version in the global Pokémon Go Tour: Hoenn event which is scheduled to happen on February 25, 2023. So there is a golden opportunity for you to catch Kecleon in Pokemon Go. What are you waiting for?

That’s all you need to know everything about Kecleon in Pokémon Go. Follow the steps and enjoy your Pokejourney.

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