This guide will tell you all about the Genshin Impact Mona Domain Puzzle. Get amazing rewards after completing this puzzle.

The “Summertime Odyssey” event in Genshin Impact involves Mona’s domain, which takes lots of time once you’ve run the storyline, then taking a look at the passages that open once it’s done. There’s an Echoing Conch and 15 chests in there, so check it out if you want to get all the sweet limited-time loot. 

Throughout Mona’s new domain, players will face a few puzzles that they’ll need to solve if they want to reach the end. That is, finding a way to seize destiny is probably the most challenging. Keeping all these things in mind, we have a guide that will tell you all the details about the Genshin Impact Mona Domain Puzzle. If you want to know how to solve this puzzle then quickly start reading below. 

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Genshin Impact Mona Domain Puzzle: The Ancient Azure Stars

In order to continue with Genshin Impact’s new quest, The Ancient Azure Stars, she must seize her destiny. This final step comes following a big revelation for her, and in order to always proceed forward, she must seize her own fate. After the player has reached this point, players will receive the quest objective of “seizing destiny,” which is surprisingly cryptic and can be confusing.

How to start

There will not be a quest area displayed on the minimap after completing this quest, and players will be thrown into a massive room full of stars. Players will also be locked into playing as Mona, but this is just a cosmetic change that will be removed once the quest is complete. 

It is possible to notice a small glowing star moving across the room much faster than the other stars in the room as you explore the area. Stars have a soft glowing trail following them as they move across the room. The goal of this quest is a floating star that needs to be pursued by the players in order to be completed.

Now, it is not that easy. You will have to solve the Astral Puzzle in order to complete this quest. To complete each Astral Puzzle, you must connect the light devices in the manner of the constellation that is displayed in front of you. When you do this, Treasure Chests, Strange Stars, and Asterism Shards for the Mirage Doors in Genshin Impact Mona Domain Puzzle will all appear. You’ll need to hit and target the Star Guides on the floor to match the pattern on the ceiling in order to solve the astral puzzle. This is a very important part of Genshin Impact Mona Domain Puzzle.

How to solve the Astral Puzzle in Genshin Impact

We will divide the puzzle into different parts so that you do not get confused about what and when you should do it.

Part 1

You’ll be able to play a cutscene by collecting the Asterism Shard from the chest and following the star-shaped Seelie out of the house and into the pool. Follow the star through the maze and jump over the bullet hell star-dodging segment and complete the star-dodging segment to view the cutscene. You can open the door by placing your two new Asterism Shards into the mechanism on the right when you return to the Golden Apple Archipelago. You must defeat the Hilichurl there, and then interact with the spot it dug to gather another Asterism Shard.

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Furthermore, you can summon another star Seelie to show you where the solution to the problem is by interacting with the star on the pillar to the left of the star in the next room using Star Guides. After picking up the fifth Asterism Shard, go back to the central chamber and jump in the pool. Proceed through the “mirage maze” by following the stars. Eventually, you’ll reunite with Seelie by heading north.

Part 2

Once you’ve defeated the Hilichurl in the Golden Apple Archipelago, you can explore the location where it hid another Asterism Shard and continue the quest. Investigate a second Asterism Shard by the left mechanism before returning to Mona’s territory. Uncover a Star Guide puzzle by inserting the two relevant shards into the north mechanism. You can find the answer to the puzzle through the door on the right

To get back to the center room, you must once more grab the Asterism Shard. Remove the lowest shard from the Northeast mechanism and use it for the upper portion of the fourth chamber rather than diving in. Enter and turn the central mechanism to expose the pineapple-like shape.

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Part 3: Follow the star

Afterward, open the chest, get the Asterism Shard, and follow the star Seelie. A cutscene will play, and after some time you’ll be back in the role of Mona. Just keep running down the halls. A path will appear on its own as you approach the walls, similar to when Mona had a star to follow at the beginning of the domain. You’ll eventually circle back and discover a star. The last area of the domain can be reached by following it.

Mona can “seize destiny” by catching the moving star floating around her. Once she does so, a cutscene plays and the domain story ends. As you finish, you will be able to interact with the platform to return to Mona’s domain, where more rooms will open, allowing you to get an Echoing Conch and more treasure chests.

This is how you will complete the Genshin Impact Mona Domain Puzzle.


The rewards in this quest are lots of chests. You will have to explore and keep solving the astral puzzles in order to get the chests. You will even get a luxurious chest.

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