Are you looking for the Genshin Impact kalpalata Lotus? Well, your search is over because we have all the Genshin Impact kalpalata Lotus locations.

Despite growing on cliffsides like Violetgrass, the humble Kalpalata takes on new significance in Genshin Impact 3.2, and thankfully, it is relatively easy to pick up the plants. Kalpalata is necessary for leveling up Dori and Nahida, and since there are fewer of these Sumeru locals than other Sumeru specialty items, you will have to travel the Kalpalata Lotus farm routes a few times before you are able to collect all that you need.

Any Dori build must have Kalpalata Lotus since it is a material required for Dori ascension and leveling. So if you are looking for Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus then you are at the right place. Read this article till the end to know all the Kalpalata Lotus locations.


Genshin Impact Kalpalata Lotus locations

A Kalpalata Lotus grows on vines that grow on cliffs or stonework, and sometimes on large branches. There are about 60 Kalpalata scattered around Sumeru, mainly on the perimeter of the version 3.0 map, with only one of them being underground. They sometimes grow in clusters, so you’ll find three Kalpalata growing together at one place, but just one elsewhere.

Vanarana Kalpalata

A lot of the clusters are technically outside the boundaries of the region, so Vanarana is a catch-all term. There’s a cave in the middle, but if you run through it the first time, you’ll be able to unlock the root barrier, allowing you to access it – and the nearby Rukkhashava Mushroom – without getting in trouble.

Mawtiyima Forest 

Genshin Impact kalpalata Lotus in Mawtiyima are a little more challenging to grab. The western one is near the watch tower at the top of the cliff and is extremely difficult to collect. If speed is your thing, you can ignore it. The other three are comparatively easier to grab, but also take longer.

Vimara Village 

The Genshin Impact kalpalata Lotus are grouped together south of the promontory. If you want some Nilotpala Lotus for your Tighnari build, drop down into the water for some if you need some. 

Gandharva Ville 

Branches and cliffsides south of the Statue of the Seven are all home to the Kalpalata in this area. Kalpalata is either in the hills north of the statue or in an underground area that you access during Agnihotra Sutra.


Yasna Monument

There are two clusters of Yasna lotus growing near the monument you cleaned during Varuna Gatha. To get them, head northeast of Caravan Ribat and grab them directly by the waypoint. To get the second cluster, teleport to the Statue of the Seven and glide west.

Apam Woods

All of them are hung from the tops of the rocky outcrops that rise above the forest floor but lie beneath the tree canopy. If you need to gain height, use the bouncy mushrooms.

Devantaka Mountain

The Devantaka Kalpalata are all close to the teleport waypoint, so gathering them shouldn’t need much stamina.

Keep in mind

Serenitea Pot doesn’t have a Genshin Impact kalpalata Lotus option, so you must gather them in the wild. Kalpalata Lotus respawns after two real-world days, like other local specialties. There are approximately 60 of the plants to find, but to run a more efficient farm run, one cluster of Kalpalata Lotus must be left out.

Although you won’t be able to incorporate the single watchtower lotus into your runs, since Dori is the only character to use them so far, you’ll not really have trouble finding them. You can get 168 Kalpalata Lotuses without having to deal with the single one in a few runs.

You don’t have to be an expert in Mawtiyima to complete it. If you use the updrafts and Four-Leaf Sigils, you can glide over to the eastern cliffs from the western teleport waypoint. Starting at the Statue of the Seven and working your way north, you can pick them up as you go.

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