Free Elder Scrolls Online? This EPIC MMO is Letting You Play for FREE This Month!


Free Elder Scrolls Online event lets players experience this MMO classic in all its glory and excellence.

Free to play events are very common nowadays and it is one of the best times to experience video games when gamers are not sure if they must purchase this specific product. One of the reasons developers opt to launch free to play events is to make sure a lot more gamers are included in the community. This is especially relevant with games that were released at least half a decade ago.

In the case of Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event April 2024, developers as it was celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a lot of DLC content and rewards for players let’s just say that as gamers we need to embrace this movement and be a part of this wonderful community.

Free Elder Scrolls Online
Free Elder Scrolls Online Cover

ESO Free Play Event Dates- Hot to Play ESO for Free

The best part about this game is it is available on a multitude of platforms all the way from the previous generation to the current generation. This can be played on PC via steam or the Epic Game Store. On top of that this game is available for the Xbox consoles and both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Just log into your desired gaming setup and download the game from the website directly if you are using a PC. On consoles, you can go to the PlayStation Store or the Xbox store to download the full version of this game. For the PlayStation consoles this game is marketed as Elder Scrolls online trial, which basically means that there is a limited time for gamers to experience this game.

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Is Elder Scrolls Online Worth it?

This Free Elder Scrolls Online game is one of the biggest releases from Bethesda as Elder Scrolls has been in the gaming industry for almost 25 years and it’s still relevant to this date. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim was one of the biggest releases in the last generation of gaming. The latest release in this franchise is Elder Scrolls online and this is a game that would keep players satisfied before the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6.

Keep in mind that Elder Scrolls 6 was never announced and as of now if players want to experience the latest game in this franchise Elder Scrolls Online is the one to go for. This is one of the best free MMO games April 2024.

The best part about this Free Elder Scrolls Online event is that players will get access to the base game, and they’ll have four different classes to choose from and 24 different zones and also the best part would be to participate in multiple PvP game modes. In addition to that if players want to purchase the full version of the game the progression would be saved on the cloud, so you need not have to worry about the loss of your progression in the game.

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Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

Free Elder Scrolls Online– Bonus

As a bonus players will also receive 500 complimentary grounds to spend in the in-game store. During the tenth-year anniversary of this game a lot of content has been released so make sure to check out our other articles about Elder Scrolls Online DLC content.

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When is the Free Elder Scrolls Online event available from?

The Free Elder Scrolls Online is live from and runs till April 9th.

What genre is Free Elder Scrolls Online?

The Free Elder Scrolls Online is a open world RPG game.

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