PlayStation Plus Monthly Games- Best of April 2024


As long as their membership is active, PlayStation Plus Monthly Games can let subscribers download and play a variety of free games every month.

These free games frequently feature a variety of independent titles, vintage games, and occasionally more recent releases. A few days before to the beginning of the month, PlayStation typically releases the list of free games for that month. Every month some PS5 and PS4 games are announced and dedicated versions for both consoles are available if supported.

These are the games that are announced for April 2024:

Immortals of AveumAvailableUnavailable
Minecraft LegendsAvailableAvailable
Skul: The Hero SlayerAvailable (PS4 Version)Available

Playstation Plus Monthly Games- Immortals of Aveum

Who would’ve though that Immortals of Aveum would be surprise from Electronic Arts. The developers of this game are unknown but thanks to EA, this game got the marketing it deserved. It might be the best game in the collection of EA titles but has a respectable fanbase.

The gameplay of Immortals of Aveum revolves around using magic abilities which can be used for offense and defense. This is a typical 1st person action game with a decent plot and varied gameplay. The reviews for this game were mixed at best and it could not garner enough reputation in the gaming community.

Playstation Plus Monthly Games
Immortals of Aveum

Playstation Plus Monthly Games- Minecraft Legends

No, this is not a classic Minecraft game that is world famous and generated tons of content. Minecraft Legends takes the familiar gameplay and concepts of Minecraft and combines it with the action strategy formula. This is a generic action game set in the Minecraft world and it is a must play for fans of Minecraft to have an addicting good time.

Minecraft Legends Official Launch Trailer Thumbnail 16 9 logo 9ae89b03991fe9e08a91
Minecraft Legends Cover

Playstation Plus Monthly Games- Skul: The Hero Slayer

One of the few games that is released for the previous generation of consoles i.e. the Playstation 4 in this case. Playstation has a number of 2D platformer titles but Skul: The Hero Slayer is one of the best in its genre. Get ready for mario like platforming with a wide number of gadgets and abilities at disposal. The gameplay is fast and frantic so make sure to have quick reflexes and reactions.

EGS SkulTheHeroSlayer SOUTHPAWGAMES S1 2560x1440 3d430ac16bd3fd2d43673ea1f027eba0
Skul: The Hero Slayer Cover

To know the different tiers Playstation is offering, click here.

How many tiers are there in the Playstation Plus subscription?

There are 3 Tiers available in the subscription.

Can the subscribers play games once purchased?

Subscribers can play the Playstation Plus Monthly games as long as they have claimed their monthly games and have an active subscription.

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