Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks


If you are struggling in Elder Scrolls Online, then do not worry, our Elder Scrolls Online Beginners guide will help you with the best tips and tricks.

Elder Scrolls Online is set on the continent of Tamriel, and the storyline in the game is indirectly related to those of the other Elder Scrolls titles. There are six classes to choose from when creating a character in the game: Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar, Warden, and Necromancer. Players can choose from a variety of attacks, spells, and passive effects based on their class. 

There are additional character choices beyond race and class in the game, including the option to become a vampire or a werewolf, both of which come with their own skill tree. Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothier, Enchanting, Woodworking, Provisioning, and Jewelry Crafting are the seven craft lines available. Now that you know about the basics, let’s take a look at the Elder Scrolls Online Beginners guide that will help you with some tips and tricks.


Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide: Weaving

Using Light Attack Weaving is the best way to increase your damage per second. In other words, you will want to mix a basic Light Attack in after every skill you use, not only because it conserves your stamina and magicka, but because it will speed up your attacks as well. It goes much deeper than that, but adjusting your attack pattern is a good option.

Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide: Dungeons

The first Random Dungeon of the day offers a bonus experience. At the very least, you should use it to gain a lot of XP. Be sure to activate your Experience Scroll before diving into the Dungeon — which is often handed out as a daily login reward. With this, you can watch your level skyrocket when you complete it.

Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide: Bank

If you plan to pick up a lot of things on your travels, your bank may be a good place to store them. Be aware, though, that the space in your bank can run out quite quickly, so using an inventory management system can help you.

Complete main story quests

Getting through the main story is one of your first tasks. You will not only gain experience from this but you will also be introduced to many of the places and characters you will encounter throughout Tamriel. Completing the main story should be on your priority list. 

Look at the sky

There are dark anchors in the sky when circles of lightning appear. These are cooperative events that occur around the map where Molag Bal attempts to anchor the world in Coldharbour to pull it in. Once you reach these destinations, you will participate in a co-op event where you will battle daedra. For completing these events, you will earn some great rewards.

You can use mount
You can use mount

Wayshrines are very helpful

It is important that you activate wayshrines in order to get the most out of fast travel. Wayshrines are used for respawning when you die, as well as teleporting you around the world.

Use the skill tree

One of the ways in which The Elder Scrolls Online differs from other MMOs is in its skill tree system. It doesn’t matter if you choose to be a Nightblade or a rogue, you can still use ranged spells or learn hybrid skills that might not fit the traditional rogue archetype. Despite the fact that each class has its own particular focus, players can all wear most of the armor and weapons in the game, provided they have the skill to do so.

Don’t purchase weapons or armor

During leveling up, do not purchase armor, weapons, or jewelry. Instead, upgrade your riding skills, bag space, and bank space with your gold. There is no need to buy any gear, since you level so fast in ESO from level 1 to 50, then to Champion Point 160, that it will be regrettable to spend any gold on gear. Buying food is a great idea, as that buff will greatly benefit you.


That is everything you need to know. Follow the Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide carefully and become the best.

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