Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest – All Challenges and Rewards


Here are all the details that you should know about the Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest. Complete it fast to get your rewards.

With Fortnite, Epic Games has always provided players with a variety of ways to unlock free cosmetics. Players recently received three cosmetic items with birthday themes after completing challenges. As of now, Epic has brought back Fortnite Discord quests, offering new Chapter 3 Season 4 cosmetic rewards for completing them. 

In order to earn the three available cosmetic rewards, players must complete the Discord Fortnite quests by October 2, 2022. So here is everything you need to know about the Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest. 

How to Start Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest

In order to participate in this event, you will need a Discord account. Please know that this is the Discord account that is linked to your Epic Games account. If you have more than one Discord account, it is recommended that you use your main account. Keep in mind that you must sign up for the Fortnite official Discord server that is available in your language.

You must join the server and agree to the channel rules before you can send any messages. You can have a 10-minute waiting period that requires you to be a member for at least 10 minutes before you can send messages.

Click on the #paradise-quest channel and click Start. You will be taken to a screen to fully link your Discord to Epic Games, using whatever Epic Games account is logged in on your phone or PC.

You will be able to view all progress through Discord once everything is linked. When you finish the previous task, the next task will automatically move to you. As with most browser-based Fortnite events, you can use Discord to track your progress.

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest

There are a total of six Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest that you will have to complete. 

Task 3
Task 3

1) Assist teammates with 10 eliminations

This quest simply requires players to assist their teammates with 10 eliminations. To do so, you need to inflict damage on an opponent at least once, and then let your teammate kill them.

2) Catch 15 fish

Fishing gear is plentiful near Sleepy Sound, so completing this quest should only take about three to five minutes at most. Any type of fish will count towards this quest’s progression.

3) Survive 5th Storm Circle 3 times

In order to complete this quest, players must play three separate matches. The objective in each match is to stay alive until the fifth Storm Circle. Dying before this point will mean you have to begin fresh.

4) Make 3,000 damage to opponents

In order to complete this quest as soon as possible, players are advised to shoot at everyone they encounter in-game. Any little bit of damage inflicted will contribute to the progress of the quest.

5) Heal yourself: 300 health points

You can easily heal 300 health points by falling from heights or setting one’s own character on fire. Healing for 300 health points is simply the easiest Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest. After taking damage, you can recover your health by using healing items that are found throughout the map.

6) Place top 10 in solo 3 times

To complete Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest, players need to place in the top 10 three times while playing solo. Since the quest doesn’t require eliminating opponents, it can be completed passively.

Paradise Discord Quest Rewards

You will receive the following rewards after completing the Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest:

  • Chrome-ified Reality Tree Banner (After completing one task)
  • Banana Flip Loading Screen (After completing three tasks)
  • Chrome Flow Wrap (After completing six tasks)
Paradise Discord Quest rewards
Paradise Discord Quest Rewards

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