How to Find Winterberg and Sgt Winter in Fortnite?


Find Winterberg and Sgt Winter in Fortnite, conquer challenges, and earn rewards in the holiday-themed Battle Royale. Unlock festive fun in Fortnite! 

Winterfest has arrived in Fortnite, bringing lots of snowy holiday fun. If you want to start strong in Fortnite Battle Royale this Christmas, when you jump out of the bus, head to Winterberg and find Sgt Winter. 

Sgt Winter is easy to defeat, but there will probably be other players trying to take your rewards. Be careful! Also, while you’re on the island, make sure to open all the presents, especially the big green ones, to get extra loot.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the process of finding Winterberg and Sgt Winter in Fortnite.

Steps to Find Winterberg and Sgt Winter in Fortnite

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  • Step 1: Look for a small island at the northmost point of the map while on the bus. This is Winterberg, a circular island with an icy center and snowy banks supporting buildings around the edges.
  • Step 2: Land on Winterberg and listen for Sgt Winter’s distinctive sounds—loud chortles and “ho, ho, ho.” Engage him when you’re ready; he won’t attack until you do.
  • Step 3: After defeating Sgt Winter, open the presents in the middle of the island for extra loot. Pay special attention to the room-sized green boxes.
  • Step 4: Swim back to the mainland after looting. Once you know the island’s location and layout, it’s easy to gather good weapons and leave before the circle closes.

How to Land from the Bus at Winterburg and Finish in the Top 20 Players? 

Winterberg and Sgt Winter in Fortnite

Landing on Winterberg helps with Winterfest challenges, especially those requiring you to land in snowy zones and finish in the top 20. To land at Winterburg in Fortnite, mark the small circular island northwest of Classy Courts on the map and jump directly onto it from the bus. If you want to be in the top 20 players, quickly grab loot from Winterburg, play stealthily, and move with each circle and the storm to avoid enemies.

How to Collect an Item Inside a Present Thrown by Sgt Winter in Fortnite?

Players are searching for Sgt Winter because there’s a special quest. The goal is to collect an item inside a present thrown by Sgt Winter,’ and you get 15,000 XP as a reward! 

When you find Sgt Winter, completing the quest is easy. Just walk up to him and wait for a moment. He’ll ask if you’ve been naughty or nice, then magically throw a big present on the ground. 

To finish the challenge, use your weapon or pickaxe to open the giant present. Once you break it, grab an item from inside, and the quest is done, giving you lots of XP.

Sgt Winter NPC Behavior


Sgt Winter used to drive around delivering presents on the island in the past Winterfest events, but things are different this year. Epic Games made some big changes for Winterfest 2023, like getting rid of the Winterfest cabin.

Now, when you spot Sgt Winter, you’ll see a speech bubble over his head. It might make you wonder if you can approach him safely. But don’t worry, he won’t attack you based on your in-game behavior. Sgt Winter is a friendly character, and he won’t be mean to players unless they attack him.

Once he notices you, Sgt Winter will throw a special Holiday Present at you with really cool loot inside. If he aims right at you, you might get stuck inside the present. You’ll have to use your harvesting tool to break it open and grab the loot.


Finding Winterberg and Sgt Winter in Fortnite adds a festive and rewarding dimension to Winterfest. Follow the guidelines to navigate the snowy landscape, complete quests, and earn valuable rewards. Whether conquering challenges or enhancing your gaming experience, encountering Sgt Winter brings seasonal joy to Fortnite. Happy gaming and may your Winterfest be filled with victories!

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