Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Amazon Best seller in 6 different countries


The best selling product is the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Amazon in the video games category.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Amazon is ranked 1 on the best sellers list. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was one of the most anticipated Final Fantasy titles and it shows.

Square Enix is the developer and publisher of the renowned Final Fantasy role-playing video game series. It’s among the most popular and significant role-playing game franchises ever. The series has changed a lot since it first started in 1987, including new gameplay elements, narrative techniques, and graphic improvements.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Amazon Best Sellers- Final Fantasy History

Among the best-selling games in the series are Final Fantasy VII, which is considered by many to be among the best video games ever made, and Final Fantasy X, which is renowned for its poignant narrative and avant-garde gameplay elements. With every new entry, the brand expands and changes, retaining a devoted following across the globe.

The Amazon Best sellers is very straightforward as it shows the top sellers in each category. As of writing this article, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Amazon is No.1 in 6 different countries.

final fantasy vii rebirth amazon
Final Fantasy VII Cover

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Amazon Best Sellers-  Original Final Fantasy VII

The iconic role-playing game Final Fantasy VII was published by Square Enix for the Sony PlayStation in 1997. It is recognized by many as one of the best video games ever made and a seminal work in the role-playing genre. The game Final Fantasy VII is renowned for its inventive gaming systems, fascinating characters, gripping story, and breathtaking visuals for its time. Being among the first games to employ 3D computer graphics, it made for more realistic settings and dramatic cutscenes.

A remake of Final Fantasy VII was launched in 2020, bringing the cherished game back to a new generation of gamers with improved graphics, more gameplay, and rewritten storytelling. Technically, the newest Final Fantasy VII Amazon is a sequel but stands on its own with its story telling.

final fantasy 7 rebirth review.0
Final Fantasy VII Screenshot

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Amazon Best Sellers-  Review

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth successfully carries on the momentum from FF7 Remake with its enlarged tale, amazing graphics, and multitude of side activities. The game is mostly a nostalgic trip, albeit there are a few sections that are overly slow or stretched for the purpose of substance. With all the exploration and treasures you can find here, it will be interesting to see how any progress is carried over to the next game.

In any case, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth fulfills its promise to be an homage to the first game while also providing a strong foundation for the third and last installment of the trilogy. (Hopefully, there is one and if there it, it would beat the record of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Amazon best sellers list).

ffvii review deck xpxj
Final Fantasy VII Art

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How many Final Fantasy titles are available?

There are 16 Final Fantasy titles available in the market.

What genre is Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy is a JRPG with elements of action and adventure.

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