Best Games to Buy in Final Fantasy Franchise Sale


The Final Fantasy franchise sale is here and gamers are definitely going to exploit this gem of sale.

At the end of this month, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released, bringing the biggest game to date to one of the longest-running video game series. For those who are unfamiliar with Final Fantasy Franchise Sale, the good news is that you don’t have to play every game that has come before it in order to comprehend what’s happening. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a few of them a shot, though, as there are now a number of the series’ games on Steam for up to 65% off.

Final Fantasy Franchise Sale Overview

It’s obvious that the goal of the current Final Fantasy Franchise Sale is to attract as many people to play Final Fantasy as possible before the release of Rebirth on February 29. If you’re new to the series, you may choose from a variety of games that are now discounted. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade makes the most sense as a landing place. The Yuffie DLC is included with the more robust version of the base game, so you’ll be caught up in time for Rebirth. It’s now 50% off on Steam.

Remake and Rebirth alone may not be sufficient for some people, going back to Final Fantasy 7. In that regard, Steam has you covered as well with this Final Fantasy Franchise Sale. Crisis Core Reunion, which tells you about Zack’s adventure prior to his appearance at the end of Remake, is available for just $29.99 after a 40% discount. Would you like to go back in time completely with this Final Fantasy Franchise Sale? Currently available for $4.79 on Steam, the original version of Final Fantasy 7 is also part of the pre-Rebirth Final Fantasy Franchise Sale deal.

final fantasy franchise sale
Final Fantasy Franchise

It’s the ideal moment to expand your Final Fantasy PC library because 16 titles—from the popular to the less well-known—are discounted. In case that’s not enough Final Fantasy for you, the PS5 demo for Rebirth is currently available before the game’s much awaited February 29 release.

Final Fantasy Franchise Sale Best Games

Since there are 16 titles and endless hours of content in this Final Fantasy Franchise Sale, so here are the top 3 Final Fantasy games from the Final Fantasy Franchise Sale.

Final Fantasy X

In retrospect, a lot of the elements that first brought the series’ popularity to a climax were fulfilled in Final Fantasy X.

It was also the last game in the series to have a music mostly composed by Nobuo Uematsu, and it was the last game to have random encounters or (mainly) traditional turn-based combat. As the first game with voice acting and fully 3D backgrounds, the game was also looking forward. And this is also the point at which the series took a much more linear bent, for better or worse (maybe as a result of those improved cinematic presentation features).

Final Fantasy X Cover

Final Fantasy VII

These days, if you prefer playing ultra niche JRPGs in English, you can thank Final Fantasy VII.

Prior to Final Fantasy VII, most publishers considered localizing role-playing games to be a risky endeavor because of the perceived small market for these kinds of games. Remember that three of the Final Fantasy series’ games hadn’t even received official U.S. releases prior to Final Fantasy VII. However, Final Fantasy VII’s massive storyline, well-known scenes like Aerith’s death, magnificent setting, and catchy soundtrack became so popular that it paved the way for the success of RPGs in the West.

Screenshot 2024 02 11 003004
Final Fantasy VII Cover

Final Fantasy VI

Even though the Final Fantasy series has since advanced with improved graphics and faster fighting, Final Fantasy VI is still the best game in the series.

That ultimately boils down to one thing: the narrative. The most crucial aspect of an RPG is always its story, and this one is the best yet because of its unforgettable cast of over a dozen playable characters, flawless villain Kefka, and one of the best gaming twists ever—Kefka actually succeeds in his plans and brings about the apocalypse.

Screenshot 2024 02 11 003117
Final Fantasy VI Cover

How many Final Fantasy titles are available?

There are 16 Final Fantasy titles available in the market.

What genre is Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy is a JRPG with elements of action and adventure.

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