How to Evolve Duraludon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Indigo Disk DLC


Looking for how to evolve Duraludon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Indigo Disc DLC and add it to your Pokedex? This is a simple guide on how to evolve it!

Unlike previous Pokémon series instalments, Scarlet and Violet have open worlds with both open wilderness and urban sections without limits between the two. Furthermore, players control how they advance; they can select from three different paths, and they can complete the tasks on each route in any sequence. Moreover, you can evolve your Pokemon to upgrade its strengths and abilities. 

Duraludon is a Pokémon of generation eight that evolves into Archaludon, a massive suspension bridge. Although it’s not very tough, it’s not immediate if you don’t know what you’re doing when evolving Duraludon into Archaludon. Duraludon can be found in the Polar Biome, primarily in the southern half. It appears pretty frequently and seems to be most common in higher-elevation areas. They aren’t too difficult to find, but you can always eat a sandwich that boosts dragon-type or steel-type encounters if you are having trouble.

Finding Duraludon in Pokemon?

The Terarium’s snow-capped mountains are home to a large population of Duraludon. Although we found one very soon, if you’re having trouble, you can increase the likelihood of encountering Duraludon by using a sandwich shaped like a dragon. We utilize what is known as the ki”Great Avocado Sandwich,” which is made of avocado, tomato, smoked fish, and salt.

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How to evolve Duraludon into Archaludon

To evolve Duraludon into Archaludon, you will need to give them a Metal Alloy. The Metal Alloy can be acquired in two different ways. The quickest way to get it is to purchase it from the Blueberry Academy’s Student Store for 300 Blueberry Points. Blueberry Points are earned by completing various quests in the Terrarium after unlocking the system by completing the first couple of story quests. The second way is to earn it as a Blueberry Pokedex reward. Once you give the Metal Alloy to Duraludon they will evolve into Archaludon.

 The Pokémon Company
(image via The Pokémon Company)

The Metal Alloy can be used from your inventory in the same manner as an evolution stone once you’ve obtained it. Although this item requires the DLC to obtain, you can always ask a friend to trade you an Archaludon or a Pokémon that has the item if you don’t have the DLC.

How to evolve Pokémon Indigo Disk’s Duraludon DLC

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After purchasing a Metal Alloy, all you have to do is utilize it on the Duraludon in your group by picking it up from the Other Items pocket in your bag. With the use of the Metal Alloy, it will instantly evolve into Archaludon. When Achaludon levels up, he will be able to use Electro Shot, which is essentially an electrified variant of Solar Beam that can be launched off instantly in the rain.

Because Duraludon has a poor catch rate, it’s best to weaken it beforehand or apply a status condition, such as sleep or paralysis, before attempting to catch it.

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