Is Lauren Laverne pregnant? How many children does she have?


Lauren Laverne pregnant- News has popped up as a delightful treat for all those who adore her. Pregnancy news and rumors create the hardest buzz but this time it seems the buzz might just be real. The multiple roles that Lauren fits into include an English radio jockey, an author, a singer (previously engaged with alternative rock band Kenickie), and a television presenter.

A personal role of motherhood has been added to this quite exhaustive list since she was blessed with her oldest back in 2007. She married the DJ and TV Producer Graeme Fisher in 2005, staying together in London. She thereby became actively engaged in politics with her mother, who was elected as a counselor for Pallion Ward, Sunderland after her daughter’s marriage in 2006. Her oldest was a baby boy.

Lauren Laverne is a Roman Catholic and is a religious personality. She is an ardent supporter of Sunderland AFC. She is also a supporter of the Labor Party, given her mother who sought nomination as a candidate in 2008 from the same. Laverne has also supported Sunderland given her passion by promoting awareness in the role of an ambassador. The couple also owns a flat in Sunderland connecting them to their roots. Lauren has been known to be a committed mother and wife along with her professional excellence and fortitude to extend horizons.

A look at her personal life: Lauren Lavern pregnant?

Is Lauren Laverne pregnant?
Is Lauren Laverne pregnant?

Lauren Laverne gained much traction just as she stepped into motherhood for the first time in 2007, a year after her marriage with Fisher. She was blessed with a baby boy, named Fergus James Fisher by the couple in October 2007. The three of them continued to stay in London as a family.

Almost 3 years later, Lauren startled her fans with a huge announcement of the couple expecting their second child. The official announcement was made on BBC Radio Music 6 Show on March 30th, 2010, and there’s only negligible doubt that fans went gaga over the pregnancy announcement. The second born was also a baby boy born in September. He was called Mack Fisher later by the couple. Not many pictures of the family together have emerged on the internet over these years, but the official data displays a nuclear family intact and supportive of each other.

The DJ and presenter have since then been part of varied rumors of pregnancy but has never made an announcement herself. Therefore, the common knowledge remains that she is a mother of two currently and that as of 2023, she isn’t expecting. In 2022, the rumors again hit the market and the internet, but the sources could not refute or even verify the report.

Has Lauren Lavern been vocal about her pregnancy herself?

Is Lauren Laverne pregnant?
Is Lauren Laverne pregnant?

In a picture posted by Lauren Laverne herself, rumors of her posing with a tiny baby bump sprang up. The post was meant to be a valentine’s wish for her better half. Even though the picture wasn’t all clear given the pregnancy rumors, there is only less evidence to concretely support the claims.

Speculations apart, from analyzing the trend that the Radio DJ has set during her second pregnancy, it is almost unlikely that a concealed note shall be presented by her. She celebrates motherhood, remains to be a dedicated homemaker along with all the other roles, and might as well make another dramatic announcement if at all a third baby was on the way. One way or another we hope the best for the happy family and celebrate the admiration that the couple shares with each other after almost two decades of marriage.

Another matter of note with respect to Lauren remains the private and explicit life of her husband Graeme Fisher, and that is the reason any guesses of pregnancy particulars still remain to be a matter of excitement for the Lauren fan base! Well, fingers crossed!

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