These New Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items Will Blow Your Mind!!


Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items are here to celebrate the ESO Crown Store Showcase in April 2024 and players can get access to the amazing content in this latest ESO Crown Store Update.

One of the most played games in the Elder Scrolls franchise is Elder Scrolls Online, which has been around for a while. The game offers an abundance of amazing content and open-world activities, making it nearly hard to become detached. The Crown Store is here with all its goodies and collectibles for players to obtain and use. This is a treat for long time fans of the game as well as newcomers to the franchise.

Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items
Elder Scrolls Online Cover

Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items – ESO 10th Anniversary Crown Store

ESO 10th Anniversary Is here, and players are ecstatic about how many cosmetics they can attain overtime. The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items is an in-game shop that let players buy and obtain a lot of items that can be used for cosmetic purposes. During the month of April, the developers have made sure that players utilize this option to get as many items as possible from the 10th anniversary of Elder Scrolls online.

The items that are available can be obtained in a very simple way by just logging in and using currencies to purchase from the crown store in Elder Scrolls online. Make sure to check out the official Elder Scrolls online breakdown to know what items are available during this time.

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To breakdown everything in the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items, firstly players can obtain a bounty of seals to this month’s rewards further making sure that they can get access to crown crates. The biggest of Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items is that players can get around 450 seals making sure that the 10th year anniversary is worth it for this game. On day 7 previous can get a whole stack of sweet rolls and the ratio of snacks that they can eat in the game for some bonuses.

Later during the month players can get access to a pet which is the perfect blend of cuteness and fierceness. Finally, on day 21 players can get access to anniversary attire which is called the Cumberland anniversary attire. This is a stylish take on classic medieval clothing styles and has shades of purple blue and white all over them. As we mentioned before most of these items are available just by logging into the game. What other way is convincing enough to celebrate this 10th year anniversary of Elder Scrolls online.

ESO Returning Crown Store Collectibles

There are a bunch of items that players can obtain which can trigger nostalgia as this game was released 10 years back. For veterans of the game, some of these items are the best cosmetics released in the game which have a perfect blend of The Elder Scrolls franchise as a whole. Make sure to check these crown store collectibles in The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items in the game shop to get the chance to obtain these classic items.

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Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

For newcomers to the game this might not seem like a big deal but if you want to be a part of a bigger community make sure to obtain these items as well. The cost of these collectibles is ready from item to item as they have a wide number of categories such as in-game clothing, loot boxes, pets, weapons skins, etc. Make sure to check out everything in the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Items.

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When was Elder Scrolls Online released?

Elder Scrolls Online was released back in 2014.

What genre is Elder Scrolls Online?

Elder Scrolls Online is a open world RPG game.

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