How to Get the Free Fortnite Explorer Emilie Lego Skin?



 Fortnite Explorer Emilie Lego Skin is a free reward. So, discover the steps to unlock this new outfit.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is finally live. New maps and locations have replaced the OG map. Fortnite Chapter 5 has come up with new content and features. Train station has been added to the battle royale and players can go on a ride to new locations. There will be trains on all maps and this has been an exciting addition to the game. Also, there are new weapons and you can use them to tussle against bosses.

The new season tasks players to fight against 5 bosses in different biomes and the reward will be a Society Medallion, a unique shield buff item. Fortnite Chapter 5 will see new collaborations and events in the coming days. One of the most anticipated collaborations between Fortnite x Lego is live with a new survival-themed game mode. Players can play as Lego Explorers and complete new Fortnite challenges across islands.

Fortnite players can equip the Emilie Lego skin as a free reward. But there’s a prerequisite for the same. Emilie, the Explorer Lego skin will be available in different selectable styles. You will be able to get both variants as a free reward. As the Fortnite x Lego crossover event is finally live, here’s how you can unlock the skin of Emilie Lego.

Fortnite explorer Emilie Lego skin
Emilie Skin

Steps to Unlock the Fortnite Explorer Emilie Lego Skin

The Lego Emilie skin is a free reward in Fortnite. So, there’s no requirement like completing quests or boss fights. The task is simple, you just have to sign up for Lego Insiders and then link your Epic Games account with Lego. Here is how you can complete the process and unlock the Fortnite Explorer Emilie Lego Skin for free,

  • Explore the official website 
  • Tap the “Accounts and Apps” Tab
  • Now, you can connect your Lego account with Epic Games

After linking your account, you can return to Fortnite and collect the Lego Emilie skin from the inventory. Once the Fortnite x Lego event begins, you can play as Emilie and other available characters from the Lego universe.

IMG 20231204 123404
Lego outfit

Lego will be an ultimate survival crafting adventure in Fortnite. This new game mode takes you to an open world location where you will spot hundreds of Lego-themed characters as well. You can meet new Lego NPCs, unlock treasure chests, travel through hills and terrains, and witness an epic battle among Lego characters.

That’s how you can equip the free Fortnite Explorer Emilie Lego skin. There are new Kickstart quests and you can explore the new Lego mode and embark on a new adventure.

IMG 20231204 123331
Lego skin


What is Fortnite Lego?

Fortnite Lego is a new survival and crafting game mode. Fortnite Lego adventure takes you to a unique world where there are hundreds of Lego characters. Also, in the Lego game mode, all skins will be Lego-themed. There are new Lego NPCs and lots of mini-games in the Fortnite Lego game mode.

Can you Loot Rewards on Fortnite Trains?

Yes, you can land on trains across Fortnite islands. While you land on a train, you can unlock treasure chest rewards, defeat enemies and perform actions. You can easily spot trains on maps.

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