Dynasty Legends 2 Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


If you are a fan of ancient action, then this game will really excite you. However, to have a good start, you will need our Dynasty Legends 2 Guide.

Dynasty Legends 2 is a complete evolution of a Hack & Slash ARPG game. Enjoy a thrilling battle experience, and become the overlord of the Three Kingdoms by wiping out thousands of enemies by yourself. With stunning graphics, experience the chaos of ancient battlefields now. Build up your empire as you battle with your friends. With ultra high-quality 3D models and effects, you will have a visual experience you have not experienced before.

A massive ancient battlefield where you can battle hundreds of soldiers simultaneously. You can slaughter thousands of enemies in one step where it will be one vs thousands and you will feel unbeatable. If you are new to the game then do not worry, our Dynasty Legends 2 guide will give you some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to progress in the game. 

Dynasty Legends 2 Guide: Evolution

During the evolution process (upgrade), an officer’s stardom increases, consuming identical fragments. Furthermore, the higher the stardom, the more fragments you require. You can find a list of activities and stores where you can buy the snippet by clicking on the snippet itself. Heroes have different colored stars based on the number of stages they have passed in their development.

Dynasty Legends 2 Guide: Talents 

As evolution progresses, heroes’ talents are revealed. They are pumped for gold and cannot be more powerful than the hero’s level. Passive skills are also revealed as each hero evolves. It takes a Star charm to activate these passive skills. Collect them during the chapters of the campaign and in Battle of the Red Rocks. The cost of activating each passive skill is always greater than the cost of activating the previous one, so be ready for that. 

Create bonds

The social gaming environment provides many different social gameplay options, so you’ll never have to fight alone. You’ll win and lose together with others in your guild. You’ll move forward together as a family and when it’s time, fight for a common goal together. Therefore, creating a bond with others is very important. 

Unlock new characters/officers

In Dynasty Legends, you must fulfill the conditions stated in the catalog to unlock new officers. Some of these officers are obtained by completing main story missions, others by obtaining VIP rewards, and others by purchasing gems. On the official Facebook page of the game, you can find information about upcoming events, which may feature some of the best officers. 

Dynasty Legends 2
Dynasty Legends 2

Upgrade your characters/officers

You already have some of the best characters under your belt, but they are still quite weak in their base forms. So, if you want to use them effectively in battle, you have to upgrade them. You can upgrade your characters in a number of ways in Dynasty Legends, although at first, it will seem like you’re only concentrating on a few.

Jades are very important

The Jade menu can be found in the “Equip” menu. Various colors increase different attributes, so use these to increase the attributes of equipment and Guardians. The jade that you get from various activities of the game can increase many attributes at the same time. The higher the level, the greater the increase of attributes. 

Auto Combat will assist you but not always

There is some satisfaction to be found in manually fighting enemies, but you’ll probably use the auto-combat feature for most boss fights. Despite being a great tool, however, auto-combat is not without its flaws. In other words, this system cannot determine the best time to use your abilities, nor can it respond to or dodge enemy attacks. So it is a bit tricky to use the auto-combat feature. You will have to use it very carefully or else you will be defeated. 

Dynasty Legends 2
Dynasty Legends 2

Increase the star level

With the fragments you receive from the in-game gacha, you can increase a character’s star level with gold, along with the fragments. Once you reach five stars, you will be promoted to the next rarity when you opt to upgrade. The following are the five stars in the game

  • Blue (Uncommon)
  • Purple (Rare)
  • Gold (Epic)
  • Red (Legendary)
  • Orange (Mythic)

The enemies will get stronger

At first, you will feel that the enemies are very easy and you can easily win most of the battles. But that is not true once you progress in the game. As the level increases, the enemies become stronger and they will be strong enough to beat you easily. This is why we have told you to upgrade quickly and also keep all the things in your mind. Upgrading a character that is not worth will be a waste. Therefore, choose your character wisely.

Enjoy the game

This tip might be very normal for you but have faith. Many players get worried too much about defeating the enemies and becoming stronger that they forget why they started to play. Enjoying the game will not only keep you calm but also make your mind more strong so that you can strategize your attacks accordingly. With a clear mind, you can defeat the difficult bosses of the game too. 

Dynasty Legends 2
Dynasty Legends 2

So here you go, everything that a player should need. If you follow our Dynasty Legends 2 guide properly then you will be unstoppable in the game. There are very minor details that should be focused and once you do it, it will be very easy for you to survive in the game for long. The game will require that you practice your playing skills constantly, as well as progressively upgrade your character roster to enhance their strength and make them capable of taking on increasingly difficult challenges.

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