Disney Speedstorm Classes Explained – Tips and Tricks


Disney SpeedStorm has different classes for racers to choose from and here are the best skills with the best characters to help you speed up in your race.

There are four classes in Disney Speedstorm for racers to choose from. The four classes are Speedster, Trickster, Brawler, and Defender. You have 18 playable characters to choose from in the game from both Disney and Pixar universes. All these characters fall under different classes depending upon their personalities. These different classes allow players to sort out the best characters. They can choose to explore different characters. The choice of your class would also influence the character’s stats while leveling up.

Here are all the different classes in Disney Speedstorm with a brief description.

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Disney Speedstorm all Bonuses

As mentioned that racers can choose from four classes in Disney Speetsorm, each class influences the different bonuses of the characters effectively or passively. These stats offer unique abilities to the racers depending on the class they choose

Disney Speedstorm bonuses
Disney Speedstorm bonuses

The different bonuses that come with different glasses are listed below.

  • Stat bonuses: These bonuses increase the basic ability of players like top speed, boost, handling acceleration, and combat.
  • Dash bonuses: You can get this bonus by hitting your opponents with a dash during the race.
  • Manual boost bonus: This business would help you fill the manual boost bar faster. Performing specific actions on the track will help you increase your bar faster and these actions may vary depending on the class of the result.
  • Skill focus: Each racer in Disney Speedstorm have unique skills, class skills, and a selection of common skills. Unique skills are exclusive and more than one racer in the same class is bound to have the same class skill.

Now, let’s have a look at all the classes that Disney Speedstorm has to offer for its racers.

Disney Speedstorm Classes

Speedster class


Racers in this class focus on speed during the race. Racers have top-speed stats and are professional in using their speed abilities to leverage them. If you dash into another racer it would give you an automatic boost and boost patch charge. The manual boost bar is faster for Speedsters

Rush and Boost are 2 of the top most skills in this class of Disney speed storm. Better than usual and boost gives you an advantage of an instant speed boost on the track. Players with speed-focused gameplay can opt for this class as they might enjoy racing with this class.



As the name suggests racers in this class are known for disrupting their enemies’ path in the race. Tricksters weigh on extra boost, and hit other races with the dash for a short period of time.

Trickster’s class-specific skills are Hack and Bomb. Hack has the ability to disrupt opponents and makes an obstructive wall on the track. Bomb throws explosive projectiles to create obstacles for other racers on the track



This class helps in enhancing combat and taking down rival players. They are more likely to get better handling stats and have sharp weapons that can be used to attack opponents. Hitting opponents with a dash gives a stunning effect and increases their manual boost bar.

The two skills in this class are Fire and Shot. The Fire skill can create an explosion and leave behind a trail of fire bringing down enemies. Shot on the other hand is useful for racers as it helps to launch projectiles at enemies, and destabilize them.



This class as the name suggests helps you wave off enemies’ who attacks at you. Dashing into a car would activate a shield around you for a short span of time and the manual boost bar also fills up faster. Defenders get better accelerators.

The two skills under this one are Shield and Cloak. The shield allows racers to put up a defensive Shield to Dodge attacks and stun rival racers. The cloak helps to turn the racer invisible and helps to get past opponents. Defenders focus on defensive abilities but are also useful for combat methods.

These are all the classes with their best characters respectively that players can opt for in Disney Speedstorm. These skills have different special abilities to offer according to the player’s gameplay. Players can make use of these classes and the bonuses it has to offer against their fellow racers in the game and win the race by using the perks of these classes.

So make sure that you start off your race by equipping the right class for your gameplay.

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