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Disney Illusion Island guide

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The Disney Illusion Island guide will help you to focus on the main storyline and unlock essential abilities before exploring unexplored regions.

Disney Illusion Island, the latest 2D Platformer from Dlala Studios, brings beloved characters like Mickey and Minnie into the Illusion World. In this adventure, players must confront the forces of darkness, relying solely on their abilities and exploration prowess, as no combat options are available. This is why it can be tricky for you to understand the game. But do not worry because our Disney Illusion Island guide will help you with some tips and tricks.

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Disney Illusion Island Guide: Hidden Walls

One of the game’s exciting features is the presence of hidden rooms concealed within walls. These secret rooms can be found almost anywhere in the game world and range in size and complexity. Exploring these hidden spaces often leads to engaging platforming sections and rewards, such as Tokun cards. To identify these hidden walls, players should keep an eye out for small, rounded chips in the walls, acting as subtle markers for the secrets that lie beyond.

Mastering Abilities

While combat is absent, the game focuses on mastering various abilities to effectively navigate the enchanting but challenging Illusion World. Players must tackle obstacles and solve puzzles that require ingenuity and creative thinking. The seamless exploration and abilities make this game crucial for a fulfilling experience.

Disney Illusion Island Guide: Glimt Collectibles

Glimt is the primary collectible and currency in Disney Illusion Island, appearing as blue-white will-o’-the-wisps. Each Glimt appears in groups of three and follows the player character as they get close. To benefit from these collectibles, players don’t necessarily have to touch them, making the process more manageable. 

Glimts are vital in unlocking panels in the Glimt Rewards section of Collections. Revealing six-panel images through these rewards grants players an extra heart, significantly boosting their health stores. Though it’s not essential to go out of your way to hunt down every Glimt, players should still try not to leave any Glimt balls behind when passing by.

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Piecing Together the Map

Map Pieces are critical in navigating the vast and diverse Disney Illusion Island. To obtain Map Pieces, players must find specific NPCs within each zone and engage in conversation with them. These NPCs are often found in Hidden Areas, so meticulous exploration is key to improving your chances of discovering them. Collecting Map Pieces enhances the player’s understanding of the game world, making navigation smoother and more enjoyable.

Disney Illusion Island Guide: Health Packs

Players will encounter health packs throughout the game, which offer a helpful bounce boost when jumped on. While the temptation to use them immediately might arise, it’s wise to resist. Since backtracking is a common element in Disney Illusion Island, players will find it more advantageous to save health packs for times when their character’s health is genuinely low.

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