How to Unlock Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley



Struggling to unlock the Disney Dreamlight Valley Dream Castle? With our easy tips, you can unlock the Castle and hire new characters and pets.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim adventure game. Here, you can participate in quests, activities, and events. There’s a feature that lets you interact with pets, Disney characters, and unlock new houses for them. You can prepare dishes and serve to earn rewards. Dream Castle is one of the main locations of the game and here you can unlock new houses for pets.

Dream Castle is the first main realm that you gain access to and this is also the starting point for everything in the game. Without a Dream Castle, you won’t be able to level up in the game. 

Dream Castle unlocks more realms and you can add more characters and NPCs here. As a beginner of Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s always essential to unlock the Dream Castle. To unlock the Dream Castle, you have to complete the Dream Castle quest. Here’s all about how you can complete the quest and unlock the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Steps to Unlock the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley dark castle

The Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an essential part of the game. Your progress in the game is based on this. You have to complete some objectives and then you can open the portals that give you access to all realms. Dream Castle quest can be completed within the valley. You can acquire this quest from Merlin. 

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You can find Merlin at the dream castle entrance. The objectives for this quest are to find the Royal tools. The dream castle door is blocked and you have to find x2000 Dreamlight to open it and also clear the Night Thorns that block your way. You can explore the Valley to find these. The Dreamlight will also help you overcome the Night Thorns easily. Next, you have to complete 3 Dreamlight Duties. You can earn all Dreamlight from the Wishing Well. 

That’s how you can open the Dream Castle. The objectives are easy and it takes only a small time. Clear the Night Thorns and open the castle door. Once all tasks are done, you can speak to Merlin and get access to the Dream Castle door as well. 

Initially you will be given access to 3 realms. One is Remy’s kitchen, the next is Moana’s tropical realm, and finally you can unlock the Wall-E. Here, you can meet new Disney characters and form friendships and acquire new quests as well.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. we will come back with more interesting updates.

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