Here is the Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector guide that will help you with lots of tips and tricks. Follow the guide to complete this lost sector.

As players progress through Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector, they find themselves below ground in Savathun’s Throne World. The game regularly releases new exotic armor and challenges them to tackle more difficult Lost Sectors to unlock them. 

Metamorphosis has joined the cycle of Master and Legend challenges, along with the other Throne World Lost Sectors. To know all the details about the Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector, read our guide below.

Metamorphosis lost sector

Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector Location

Savathun’s Throne World contains the Metamorphosis Lost Sector, which can be accessed by loading into Quagmire at the starting location. To reach the lost sector, head north to the Miasma region. The entrance can be found among the ruins of the Hive. There is what remains of a large room with stairs leading up to the door of the lost sector.

You may be able to locate the Lost Sector on your map if it is currently a Legend or Master difficulty Lost Sector. The large flag outside should help, but if it is not, the Lost Sector’s logo should be on the left wall.

Metamorphosis lost sector location
Metamorphosis lost sector location

How To Unlock Legendary and Master  Lost Sectors

A few things must be completed first before you can take on Legendary Lost Sectors or Master Lost Sectors. First, you must complete the regular Lost Sector to unlock Legendary or Master Lost Sectors. 

Firstly, you must win the Lost Sector boss battle and loot the cache at the end. Secondly, you must reach a power level of 1500. If you are not 1500, you cannot select the legendary or master Lost Sectors, regardless of whether you complete a normal Lost Sector. Once you have completed both criteria, you can begin a Master or Legendary Lost Sector.

Master and Legend Metamorphosis Lost Sector

As you now know, Lost Sectors in Legend and Master difficulty are endgame challenges for players with very powerful equipment. Legend difficulty is rated at 1550 power level, while Master difficulty is rated at 1580 power level. Players can try to farm up some of those exotics by visiting Metamorphosis, which has previously emerged as a Legend Lost Sector.

Make sure you bring weapons that can deal with Arc and Solar shields, as well as weapons that can deal with Unstoppable champions and Overload. As you explore the Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector, you will encounter mostly Scorn enemies, but you will also find some Hive enemies. Look out for the Unstoppable Scorn Abominations, who are particularly dangerous.

Metamorphosis lost sector gameplay
Metamorphosis lost sector gameplay

Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector Tips and Tricks

Metamorphosis is one of the shortest Lost Sectors in the game. There are primarily three rooms, each of which will have close-range combat. You will encounter a large number of Scorn grunts in the first room, along with an Overload Chieftain. A Hive Knight with an invincible shield stands at the back of this room. Break the shards in the air around him to break his shield and take him out. SMGs and grenades are also ideal for this range, but also bring grenades and rockets.

There are Screeb in this room that will explode when you get close to them. Keep your distance as much as possible from them and use cover to avoid them. Focus on taking down the Unstoppable Abomination while you are at it. Once more, defeat the Scorn on your way, and you’ll come upon an unstoppable Hive Knight. Kill the Knight by breaking the rocks.

The Boss Room

You will now be directed to the boss room, which consists of a square walkway around a floating pyramid. There will be a boss as well as a bunch of Scorn, including an Unstoppable Abomination. Get rid of the ads first, then focus on the boss. 

If you damage the boss quickly enough, you can kill it, but if you take too long the shield will return and you will have to repeat the process. This boss has an unbreakable shield like the Knights upstairs, so destroy the floating rocks to release the shield and start hitting the boss. This boss is easily defeated by a Hunter utilizing Moebius Quiver in only one spin, however, any significant amount of boss damage is useful in this situation.

Metamorphosis gameplay
Metamorphosis lost sector gameplay

And that is everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector.

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