Dead by Daylight Update (7.7.0 Patch Notes): The Twins Get Tweaks, Blight Balanced, and Decisive Strike Loses its Shine


The fog comes back, and this time it brings the newest information from the developers of Dead by Daylight. Find out everything about the Dead by Daylight update.

Soon, Dead by Daylight Patch 7.7.0 will be out on April 23, 2024. This will make a lot of changes and improvements to the game. Some changes, like the changes that were taken back for The Twins, may come as a surprise to players, but the main goal is still to make the game fun and fair for both Killers and Survivors. With constant communication between developers and a loyal fan group, Dead by Daylight is set to remain a top choice for horror games.

As Patch 7.7.0 gets closer, Behaviour Interactive has released the last changes that were made based on what players said about the Public Test Build (PTB). The goal of these changes is to improve quality of life and make the balance between Killers and Survivors better. Let’s talk about the future Dead by Daylight update in more depth!

The Twins
The Twins

The Twins Get a Reprieve: Major Adjustments Reverted

This Dead by Daylight update puts most of the attention on The Twins. An awful lot of feedback was given to the developers about how they did during the PTB. At first, big changes were going to be made to how Victor pounced. But, after giving it a lot of thought, the developers have chosen to take back these changes.

Here is a list of the changes that were taken back for The Twins:

  • Victor’s Pounce: Victor’s pounce no longer grabbed Survivors who were put into a death state during the PTB. This change has been undone, so Victor will once again grab onto Survivors who are down. The developers have also undone the change that stopped Victor from latching on to wounded Survivors after a pounce.
  • Charlotte’s Haste: Another change that was undone has to do with how fast Charlotte moves. During the PTB, she got a speed boost whenever Victor grabbed a Survivor. This bonus has been taken away, so Charlotte’s moving speed is back to how it was before.

The Twins’ main features haven’t changed much, but the creators haven’t ruled out adding to them in the future. But for now, these changes are meant to make The Twins easier to play overall, especially for people who like how their skills are now.

There are some good changes for The Twins in the Dead by Daylight update that were made in the PTB and will stay. These include:

  • Faster switching between Charlotte and Victor.
  • The ability to recall Victor.
  • Adjustments to Add-Ons and their inclusion in the base kit.

The Blight Gets a Bump: Minor Adjustments to Add-Ons

The 7.7.0 update also adds some changes to the Blight, a Killer known for moving quickly and without warning. The core principles of The Blight haven’t changed, but the developers have made small changes to two of his Add-Ons:

  • Summoning Stone: This Add-On previously increased the initial rush duration by 1 second. This value has been slightly reduced to 0.5 seconds.
  • Soul Chemical: This Add-On offered a 10% increase to The Blight’s initial rush speed during the PTB. This bonus has been toned down to 5% in the official Dead by Daylight update.

There was feedback from people who used these Add-Ons that they were a bit too strong. These changes are meant to keep them helpful while also making sure they don’t give anyone an unfair advantage.

Decisive Strike Loses its New Animation: Minor Update

Decisive Strike in dead by daylight update
Decisive Strike

Survivors like the perk Decisive Strike, and it was supposed to get a new motion during the PTB. In this animation, the Survivor would have stabbed the Killer to get away from a hook grab. The creators, on the other hand, have decided to get rid of this animation completely.

Here’s why the Decisive Strike animation was scrapped:

  • Impact on Gameplay: The animation introduced an unintended delay before the Survivor could wiggle free. This clashed with the expected behavior of the perk, potentially giving the Killer an unfair advantage.
  • Focus on Functionality: The developers have chosen to prioritize the core functionality of Decisive Strike, ensuring it functions as intended without introducing gameplay delays.

The stun duration of Decisive Strike remains at 5 seconds for the time being. However, the developers may revisit this perk in future updates based on ongoing player feedback.

Ultimate Weapon Gets a Rework: Changes Coming in a Future Dead by Daylight Update

The community has mixed feelings about Ultimate Weapon, a new Killer perk added in the PTB. There were Killers who thought it was useful and Killers who thought it wasn’t useful for many people. The makers are aware of these issues and are planning an update to fix them in the near future.

Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming changes to Ultimate Weapon:

  • Survivor Scream Returns: During the PTB, affected Survivors did not scream when triggered by Ultimate Weapon. This functionality is being brought back, allowing the perk to synergize with other scream-based perks.
  • Locker Range Takes Center Stage: Survivors in the Killer’s Terror Radius are affected by the latest version of Ultimate Weapon. The new area will be 32 meters around the locker. In this way, the perk should work the same way for Killers with smaller Terror Radii or who don’t have perks that make them very mobile.

Keep in mind that these changes to Ultimate Weapon will not be made in Patch 7.7.0. For now, the perk will work the same way it did in the PTB. The updated version will come in a later update. This lets the makers get more feedback from players and make the perk better before it goes live.

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