David Benoit is the son of former WWE star Chris Benoit from another marriage

David Benoit gave a long and detailed interview to Chris van Vliet where he spoke about his father, Chris Benoit, and possibly wrestling under that name.

The WWE/WWF universe was shocked when Chris Benoit passed away and that later was deemed as a double-murder and suicide.

The incident took place in June 2007 where Chris Benoit, then with WWF/WWE, killed his wife, Nancy, his son Daniel and then took his own life at home.

Chris Benoit David Benoit
Chris Benoit was one of the top WWE/WWF stars before his untimely demise (Image credit: Wrestling Online)

WWE had to cancel their plans for the following Raw after learning of the situation, but they did not know Chris’ role in the tragedy.

The following show was turned into a tribute for Chris Benoit, however, WWE have distanced themselves from the former star after learning of his role in the incident.

Other tests had shown that Chris Benoit had suffered a lot of brain damage and that could have been a cause of the crime.

David was speaking to Van Vliet and highlighted that he could wrestle with the Chris Benoit name.

His legal name is David Chris Benoit, and he also had tights designed similar to what his late father would wear.

David Benoit also added that he was in talks with Our Lady Peace to

Chris Benoit was one of the greatest

The Rabid Wolverine was one of the best in the ring and he always put wrestling before anything else.

However, Chris Benoit took many steel chair shots to his head during his time in wrestling, and that could have caused a lot of damage to the Canadian.

Chris won the World Heavyweight Championship once and picked up several other titles during his time with WWE/WWF.

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The Canadian was great during his tenure with WCW too and was one of the best technical wrestlers ever to have graced the business.

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