Darkwood Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Darkwood is a game where you might die several times but with the help of the Darkwood guide, you will become stronger.

If you are into the horror gaming genre and looking for some more gritty and gripping games, Darkwood is one of those. The developers claim that the game is not a fair deal to get through and players might die easily in their very first tries. If you aren’t fond of dying that easy and want to grab a better understanding of the game, here is the Darkwood guide with some tips that will help you navigate your way through it.

Darkwood Guide: Controls

Keep your controls easy and the ones that you are familiar with. For example, you can use SHIFT to move an entire stack of an object from one inventory to another. Again, you can use CTRL to move a single item from a stack to another inventory. This makes inventory management much easier. In this way, you can adjust the controls according to your preferences. 

Trails will reduce your stamina consumption

It has been observed by many players that trails dramatically reduce stamina consumption while running. Hence, when covering long distances, sticking near to trails will be much more efficient and beneficial to you. 

Set up your hideout

In general, you ought to have both lamps in a single room in order to ensure that you have at least two exits. Further, you should be able to monitor these exits from any position, thus leaving you with some room for evasion. Identify your position, remove the barricades to the exit and put furniture next to any hole in the hideout that you can’t repair. 

Be offensive at night 

You need to be aware of the kind of threats that you might face. For hideout 1k there are some dogs and occasional savages coming. For hideout 2 it’s a bigger dog and some savages. Hideout 3 can be real dangerous where you should expect greater threats such as monsters. Surviving the night will get you free reputation with the trader (+100 at the first safehouse, increasing at 1.5x every safehouse). If you die, you don’t get reputation for that night. 

Darkwood Gameplay
Darkwood Gameplay

Keep weapons 

Make a pistol and buy its magazines. They won’t be much expensive as you will get 6 shot one for around $40. Hence, if you are not that great with melee, a pistol is your thing. You would need one pistol along with other weapons and it will never get damaged. You can sell the parts that you don’t need. 

Melee Combat

The melee combats in this game can be nerve wrecking to the core. Walk backwards and sideways to dodge dogs and then smack them. Be wary of the timing because it can be tricky. Do not forget to use traps. Always keep a secondary melee attack by default bound by mouse 3 which does not require charging up. 

Making lanterns 

Making lanterns and equipping them during the day in new areas will make the shinty rocks glint and sell for money. Lanterns can last 1-2 days when you manage equipping them in new areas. 

Using traps 

Bear traps are one of the most useful items which won’t allow enemies to get too close. However, the only drawback is that it doesn’t kill enemies but stuns them. A chain trap would keep the enemy stuck in an area but not a position. Use bear traps inside the room, in front of the door. 

Darkwood Gameplay
Darkwood Gameplay

Using Flares 

Flares can be better than lanterns. They protect you from fog and it does not block your ability to attack as well. So be sure to use flares instead of lanterns whenever possible. 

Using the stove

Do not cook on the stove until its your second or third house. Rather, focus on affording other stuff like workbench, better inventory, and belt space instead of gathering things to cook. 

Follow the Darkwood guide carefully and you will become the best.

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