Dark and Darker Cleric Build – Perks, Skills, and Tips



Cleric is one of the primary classes in Dark and Darker. Check our Dark and Darker guide to know the best build and strategies for Cleric Class.

Dark and Darker has a variety of Heroes. Though there are hundreds of heroes in the game, the hero’s ability is based on the class you pick. Cleric is one of the best Classes in the game. The Cleric class heroes boast high HP, Skills, and Mobility. To get the best results from Cleric heroes, you need to upgrade their skills and use the best weapons and perks. Cleric heroes are versatile and they are powerful in both solo and multiplayer combat of Dark and Darker.

To make cleric skill one of the best in Dark and Darker, you need to utilize the best perks and skills along with spells and weapons. There are umpteen skills and strategies that will increase the stats and powers of Cleric heroes. If you are looking to summon cleric class heroes in Dark and Darker, here’s our best Cleric Build with the best skills, perks, and weapons to go with. Cleric class gets better and better with every new upgrade and skill that you use.

Dark and Darker Cleric Best Build & Tips

The Cleric class is one of the versatile classes in Dark and Darker. Cleric heroes have maxed HP, Mobility, best Physical DMG, and more. To maximize clerical heroes’ powers in Dark and Darker, here are the best tips and build.

Dark and Darker Cleric Class – Best Skills

Skills determine every hero’s powers in the game. You can go with these skills for cleric class heroes in Dark and Darker.

cleric dark and darker
  • Holy Purification – This will help you to deal 100 base magical damage to all undead monsters from a range of 7.5-8.0 meters.
  • Smite – You can deal an additional 10 % magic damage to all kinds of enemies within 7 seconds.
  • Holy Light – This spell can heal an ally and restores  30 HP. Again you can deal 100 base magical damage
  • Spell Memory – You will be able to cast spells in the dungeons and this will help you to avert incoming damage and attacks

Dark and Darker Cleric Class – Best Spells

The best spells for cleric class heroes in the game are here,

  • Bless –  You will get +3 strength to strength, agility, and Will for a short duration, all these will allow you to complete the battle quickly 
  • Cleanse – This spell will wipe away all harmful magic effects in the zone.
  • Divine Strike –  This boosts the weapon damage and attacks up to 10 points for 20 sec
  • Bind – This will bind the target in place and attack 10% faster
  • Lesser Heal – This helps you to heal yourself up to 15 points four times and your health remains intact. 

Dark and Darker Cleric Class – Best Weapons

Longbow, Crossbow, Spear, Hatchet, Double Axe, Buckler, and Fanged Mace are the best weapons for Cleric Class heroes in Dark and Darker. Every weapon has different stats and abilities, you can go with these weapons for every cleric class hero in Dark and Darker. The bows have the best accuracy and success rate compared to other weapons for Cleric class heroes in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Cleric Class – Best Perks

These perks will maximize cleric class heroes’ powers and stats in Dark and Darker,

  • Kindness – You can heal yourself for 15% of the spell’s total heal amount 
  • Protection from Evil – The duration for all harmful effects gets reduced by -50% every time
  • Advanced Healer –  This perk can increase your base magical healing by 5 % and you can attack faster
  • Perseverance – incoming damage is decreased by three every time and this park can be the best to save your health 
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery – an effective perk that increases your physical attack power up to 5% while using any blunt weapon
  • Brewmaster – visual drunk effects can be negated after consuming alcohol.
  • Undead Slaying – One of the best perks that will increase your physical damage by 20% for all the undead monsters.

How to Play Cleric Class in Dark and Darker?

cleric gameplay

Cleric heroes are versatile characters in Dark and Darker. Cleric is best used as a Supporting and Defensive unit. They are also effective in AoE and short-range. Cleric Class has the best healing and DMG stats, and they can also boost their allies with huge buffs and HP. You can use Cleric Class with Ranger and Wizard as this is the best team combination for Cleric Class in Dark and Darker. Overall, Cleric heroes are one of the most powerful units. You can use our recommended skills and perks to get the best Cleric Build in Dark and Darker. You can simply dominate your enemies with full maxed HP and best skills.

These are the strategies and tips that will get you the best Cleric Class build in Dark and Darker. Any class in Dark and Darker gets better only with better perks, spells, and weapons. Likewise Cleric Class will also gain massive powers once you use the right build and perks in the game.

That’s everything about the cleric class build and strategies from us. We will come back with more Dark and Darker updates and guides soon.

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