Corey Graves was speaking on his After the Bell podcast and teased the idea of splitting WrestleMania into a two-day event

Former WWE wrestler and current commentator Corey Graves shared a controversial idea of splitting WrestleMania into two days.

The biggest wrestling event of the year takes place in April after a year of hard work and struggles. Since it features all the titles, the event often stretches for six-seven hours.

Corey Graves WrestleMania
Corey Graves has become one of the top commentators in the WWE (Image courtesy: Cageside seats)

Most of the WWE pay-per-views end at the four-hour mark, if the dark matches are included, however, WrestleMania is special due to the sheer scale and scope of the event.

WWE have worked on WrestleMania to make it a weekend show with an NXT special and the Hall of Fame ceremony also held before the Sunday of the biggest show.

That is something that Graves alluded to in the latest episode of the After the Bell podcast.

“There already is a weekend out of it when you factor in TakeOver and the Hall of Fame and everything. I’d be into two nights of action and both nights being super important”.

Graves wanted the two major WWE belts to also be fought on separate nights:

“Maybe have the Universal Championship on one night, and the WWE Championship on the other. Two true main events.”

The commentator went on to say that spreading the titles over the weekend could be a “cool idea” and asked the fans to share their thoughts.

Timing also a problem for Graves

As alluded to, the length of WrestleMania is also a matter of concern and Graves wanted two smaller shows rather than have one crazy long one.

“Would you be into two four-hour WrestleManias or a three-hour and four-hour WrestleMania rather than a 31-hour WrestleMania like we’ve had for the last few years?”

Graves does make a decent point of why WrestleMania could be split. It is already billed as ‘WrestleMania weekend’, and a couple of shows would allow for more talent to show off their skills.

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Rushed matches wouldn’t have to be part of the card too, but logistics wise it could be an issue and also for fans who would have to buy tickets for multiple days/events.

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