If you are new to the Chimeraland then you must read our guide below as it has some of the best tips and tricks for you.

A mythical prehistoric world awaits you in ChimeraLand, an open-world sandbox RPG. Gather resources, craft items, grow crops, and research technologies. Move from building a survival shelter to building a megabase in a magical outer space.

There are hundreds of mythical creatures to encounter in this seamless world. You can wield blades to fight close quarters, aim gunslingers with X-bows, or do both. You can even become a werewolf, a Dragonborn, or a jellyfish girl. If you are new to the game and want to know more things then read our Chimeraland Guide because the tips that we will mention below are very helpful. 

Chimeraland Guide: Create a character

The character wheel lets you select a character’s species and age by going clockwise or counterclockwise through it. In addition, your character’s species can be selected by traversing through the character wheel clockwise or counterclockwise.

You can further customize your character once you select the character you want. Chimeraland provides you with the option of customizing all aspects of your character like hair, face, body, and makeup, as well as their proportion.

Chimeraland Guide: Birthplace

There are three continents in the game, all of which are nearly identical in many aspects, so players can choose two of them or pick whichever they prefer. Aside from the brief introduction, players can also choose from three factions. It would seem that characters are not used to dealing with cross-continental connections. This may be because they are not used to dealing with cross-continental connections. 

Chimeraland gameplay
Chimeraland gameplay

Chimeraland Guide: Home

The most important aspect of the game is the home of the player. All the activities can be accomplished there. There are a variety of activities that players can engage in, including building, crafting, forging, smelting, and more. As players progress through their respective homes, additional objects will be made available to them.

A player’s home can be upgraded to make stuff like furniture, machinery, weapons, and decorations available. The construction space will now expand in height and width as players improve their homes. A player would require a few products and building points to enhance their residence. Players will then gain construction points after finishing a quest.

The mini-map is important

It is possible to travel quite a bit in the game, but that does not mean exploration and adventure need to become dull. Players can keep an eye on the minimap in the game to gain a better understanding of what is going on around them. It’s quite handy to have a mini-map, and it can also enable players to improve their hand-eye coordination. This is a trait that can prove extremely useful throughout the game and can help players out of tough situations.

Use the teleport option

Certain parts of the game are unlocked when you play the game and complete missions. You can also teleport, which is a lifesaver when you need to travel long distances. It is possible to teleport yourself from one pillar to another by going to the map option and finding the pillar symbol. In addition to that, if you are looking for something in the game, you can find it through the exploring option, which is available on the menu option.

Restore your weapons

The weapons must be restored by clicking the restore button on your bag after a specific amount of use. Weapon restoration requires a certain number of resources, so keep that in your mind whenever you are using a weapon. 

Chimeraland gameplay
Chimeraland gameplay

Focus on Cloud Drune

Players will receive a Cloud Drune (a whale) gift on their first login to the game. This can easily become one of their favorite pets, and it is recommended that they raise them. Initially, the whale will be given as an egg. However, players will have to hatch the egg so they can reap the rewards. 

A Hatcher will be made available for players to place in their homes. This is a crucial step in raising a whale that floats. Players will then have to incubate the egg in the hatcher as they begin their adventures. The hatcher will be included with the login reward.

The Central Pillar

The central pillars can provide teleportation and access to further parts of the map. These may be quite helpful if players want to move quickly and to further locations. A map in the top left corner of the screen allows players to quickly locate tribes, pillars, and pet evolution. Make advantage of the map to teleport to a certain pillar. Players can also mark and trace them using the position option.

Chimeraland gameplay
Chimeraland gameplay

Beware of the red eye monsters

When you’re already on the ground, keep an eye out for little monsters with red eyes above their heads; these are the violent ones, so avoid them when you’re building your first house.

Avoid snowy areas and wastelands

If you choose a faction, make sure you land on the green or in between cold and hot areas, but avoid snowy or wastelands. These areas’ temperatures are disadvantageous for new characters. If you prefer making a house in deserts/snow mountains you can relocate and rebuild in the future when you have enough resources to do so.

This was everything you needed to know from our Chimeraland guide. You must follow the Chimeraland guide if you are a beginner. Even if you are not, these tips and tricks will definitely help you to improve your game. 

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