Brown Dust 2 Reroll Guide – Top 10 Characters to Reroll



Here’s our Brown Dust 2 reroll guide along with the top 10 characters in the game. You can dominate the magical world with these marvelous units.

Brown Dust 2 is an anime action and JRPG adventure game from the team of Neowiz. A vast world awaits your entry and you can play in both Landscape and Vertical modes as well. The game has stunning features, colorful characters, 2D graphics, and many more excellent features. There is also a co-op multiplayer mode and you can play along with random BrownDust 2 players across the world. 

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Complete some basic PvP battles and other tasks to progress in the game. There are plenty of five-star and four-star characters you can choose for battles. Before playing the game, you also have to complete the reroll process where you can unlock some tremendous units in the game. Here’s our Brown Dust 2 reroll guide that will help you complete the reroll mechanism and also you can find the top 10 characters of Brown Dust 2 here in our guide.

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How to Complete Brown Dust 2 Reroll? – Easy Guide

Reroll is an easy process in Brown Dust 2 and you can pull for your favorite SSR characters after getting done with it.

  • Launch Brown Dust 2 without using your mail or other credentials
  • Just sign-in as a guest user and complete the tutorials
  • Now, you get access to some limited characters
  • Look for the “Infinite Draw” option from the main menu settings
  • Summon your preferred Brown Dust 2 top-tier characters

That’s how you can complete the reroll in BrownDust 2. You can pull infinite times as the name says. If you don’t like the character, you can repeat the process again as you can pull unlimited times until you get a powerful unit in the game. Every character belongs to an element and has unique specifications, skills, and features. Here are the 10 best characters in Brown Dust 2 that you can pull during reroll and you can also use these heroes for battles in the game.

Top 10 Units for Brown Dust 2 Reroll

You can go with these incredible heroes and pull for them in Brown Dust 2 reroll process. Everyone loves to get top-tier and SSR heroes in the game.


Maria, a powerful five-star unit. She’s an Archmage from the Dark element. Maria deals massive damage and her skill sets will make her an invincible unit. Maria can be your best unit for both reroll and PvP battles of Brown Dust 2. Use her passive skills to unleash her rage mode. Maria is also an excellent AoE and ranged hero in the game. She can also be your trump card. As a beginner in Brown Dust 2, Maria can be a tremendous pick for every challenge. Maria can be effective and also used for every team comps as well.


Beatrice is a top-tier hero and she’s the Warrior of the Tribe. Beatrice boasts excellent leadership skills and she deals fire damage. This four-star fire elemental character can be your best damage dealer in the game. Beatrice has 2 skills that will double her fire damage and increase her healing points as well. Beatrice also gets access to all costumes and outfits. A fire element unit in Brown Dust 2 is always a valuable addition to your squad.


Wiggle, Bomb in the Hood, or Bomb Fanatic, it loves to throw bombs and explode nearby targets. Wiggle also deals fire elemental damage. Wiggle can be another best option for reroll. The skeleton-like wiggle also carries a spray bottle and a backpack. Wiggle also has a shield that will avert attacks initially.


Cynthia is an excellent defensive unit. She’s known as the warmth in the cold. Cynthia also deals water damage. Cynthia is one of the best water elemental units in the game. She has the best burst damage and critical attacks compared to other water element units of Brown Dust 2. If you look for a defensive unit and DPS, then Cynthia is the go-to option.


Teresse, the water elemental and 3-star unit is an excellent AoE and short-range player. She’s the angel of destruction and loves to take on multiple targets during combat. Teresse deceives her enemies and pulls them into her trap. She creates a wall and traps them. Enemies become vulnerable and start losing hp as well. Teresse also has decent hp. Overall, Teresse is one of the best def units of Brown Dust 2. Her kit also includes the best skills and you can pick her for PvP battles.


Arines, the Priest of Vigor, is a raging four-star unit. She belongs to the light element and can attack a bunch of monsters in a go. Arines is a primary attacking unit and she deals massive light damage. Use her skills to increase her DMG and ATK by 20%-40% every time. Overall, Arines is an excellent attacking unit in Brown Dust 2 and can be your versatile unit as well. during combat. Her lightning attacks be be lethal against all enemies of Brown Dust 2. She stuns everyone with her captivating looks and majestic appearance.


Eclipse is a 3-star dark elemental unit. She’s known as the Witch of Space and Time. Eclipse can enthrall units and deceive them. She can deal dark damage and make enemies fall into her trap. Her magical skills provide her defense and make her a formidable unit in the game currently.


Lydia, the Spearman Apprentice, is a four-star water elemental character. She uses a spear and attacks monsters from close-range. Her water DMG gets a boost every time she kills one unit. Also, ise her basic skills during combat. Lydia is an attacking unit and with the best skills, you can make her a dominant force as well.


The Devil’s Daughter, Seir, is a powerful character. She’s a raging unit with excellent DMG, ATK, and Def. Seir also has high hp and is an all-round unit. Seir is also a versatile star and can be paired with all other units in the game. Seir deals dark damage and her magic will make enemies fragile as they get weaker every time. Seir comes along with 2 bats every time during combat.


Lucrezia is known as the Wings of Temptation. Her wings can captivate enemies and kill them as it has a special magical power. Lucrezia deals dark elemental damage and her passive abilities can be used to get the best build for her. She’s a primary DPS and can withstand massive attacks in the game. Lucrezia can easily allure enemies and make them weaker with a poisonous spell. Overall, she’s another excellent defense unit in the game and can be a versatile player as well.

That’s everything you need to know about the Brown Dust 2 reroll guide and best units in the game. You can go with the above-mentioned ten best units for reroll and for combat. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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