Black Clover M Mimosa Vermillion Guide – Best Build


This guide explains the best skills, skills and tactics of Black Clover M Mimosa.

Being one of the few healers in the game with the power to rise from the dead, Mimosa is still among the best, especially when considering the larger picture. She is, however, slightly overshadowed by Charmy, who uses her unique power to continuously heal and defend. In spite of this, Mimosa is still a good choice for PVE and PVP, particularly if Charmy isn’t available.

Mimosa is well-known for having a sweet and kind mindset, and she frequently acts as a healer for her group. Her magical skills center on manipulating plants, which enables her to employ magic to heal and assist in combat. As the book progresses, Mimosa gains experience and contributes significantly to multiple storylines, demonstrating her devotion to her companions and her desire to further develop her magic.

A character in the anime and manga series “Black Clover,” Mimosa Vermillion is a descendant of the illustrious Vermillion family of the Clover Kingdom. She is an expert practitioner of magic, particularly with regard to plant-based magic. Mimosa belongs to the Golden Dawn squad, which is one of the nine Magic Knight squads in the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover M Mimosa
Black Clover M Mimosa Art

Black Clover M Mimosa Skills

Her heal takes away Mimosa’s MATK. In this sense, she is comparable to Charmy in terms of healing.

Resurrection is her special skill; no one else possesses it. When using this skill to get past a particularly challenging wave or in boss battles, the odds can be drastically changed.

Her greatest option is obviously An Elegant Beginning, her chosen talent and in particular,  increases her skill set.

Black Clover M Mimosa Healter Class

The Royal Family’s Respect, which gives her additional MATK after applying her skill, is the best substitute. You can also use Charmy’s signature skill page, Meat Enthusiast, if you’re not using Charmy.

Black Clover M Mimosa Team Compositions

Mimosa and Yami are the ideal pairing since she deals more physical damage to her companion. We may anticipate the addition of additional characters in the future who could make good pairs because of the physical damage buff!

For the third member, you can choose William or Lotus, and for the last member, such as Asta, you can choose an extra DPS.

 The increase in MATK is the main focus in the Attack wheel. You can choose between Ferocity and Battle Frenzy for the other one.

Furthermore, since you aren’t actually constructing her to deal damage and she doesn’t have any damaging skills, none of them are particularly superior to the others.

Mimosa Build
Black Clover M Mimosa Team composition

Black Clover M Mimosa Talents

Iron Will and Increased Crit Res are excellent options for the Defense wheel. In the darkest of circumstances, Iron Will is extremely useful in keeping her alive.

Increased DMG RES If you have fewer than two SP, Swiftness constantly gives you more at the beginning of each turn.

 Mimosa has increased DMG resistance to improve her ability to stay in the game. Alternatively, if fortune favors you, the Mage’s Blessing offers a substitute by resetting Skill. 20% chance of cooldown

Is Mimosa Overpowered?

She is one of the most effective characters if used correctly

What class is Mimosa?

Mimosa is Healer class and one of the best healers in the game

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