Best Roblox Games to Play in 2023



Roblox gaming platform has some of the best games in the world. Check our Top 10 List to find out the best Roblox Games to Play in 2023.

Roblox is the best gaming platform right now worldwide. Roblox offers thousands of games every year. Anyone who has gaming skills can launch their games on Roblox. Roblox is a great platform for all gamers to show their skills. There are many games that you can play either on the Roblox app or on the website. There are many free games to play in Roblox and here we are sharing the top 10 Roblox games to play in 2023. Check our listicle to know the Top Roblox Games in 2023.

Top 10 Roblox Games to Play in 2023

Here are some amazing games in Roblox to play in 2023.

Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X from the makers of Big Games Pets is an adventure game. You can collect different pets and dragons from eggs. The eggs hatch different types of pets and there are more than 1000 pets in Pet Simulator X. Earn coins and upgrade your pets. Feed your pets with food and collect many pets from the eggs. Pet Simulator X has been played more than 6 Billion times in Roblox which is a mammoth record by any means.

Anime Story

Roblox has many anime based games, and Anime Story is one of the best anime action games on the platform. Anime Story from the makers of Anime Story Community takes place in an anime fantasy world. Summon your heroes and upgrade their characters with ability. You can unlock new skills, awakenings, and craft gear. Anime Story has many challenges and boss fights, you will earn different rewards and cards for successful completion. Overall, Anime story is one of the best games to play in Roblox with over 5 million visits.

Da Hood

Da Hood is a sandbox adventure game from Da Hood Entertainment. The story and challenges take place in City and Town. You need to take on the role of a cop or criminal. Complete the challenges, collect rewards, and earn cash. You can improve your fitness by purchasing equipment from the fitness center. As police, you need to find the crimes and arrest the criminals with a handcuff. You can loot and rob shops, banks, and other places if you are a criminal.

Murder Mystery 2

One of the best thriller games in Roblox, Murder Mystery 2 is a horror thriller where you need to catch the murderers who keep killing innocent people. You need to utilize your defective skills and weapons to catch the murderer. You have different knives as your weapons and you also need to defeat the Sheriff boss. Murder Mystery 2 with 9.6 B visits is an amazing game in Roblox. If you look forward to an intriguing horror experience, then Murder Mystery 2 is yours to play on the Roblox platform.

Race Clicker

Race Clicker is a racing adventure game where you need to compete with several opponents and reach the landmark which is known as the finish line in under 2 minutes. It is all about showing your running and driving skills. Overall, Race Clicker is a successful game in Roblox from the team of 48h Games. Show your driving skills along with some action and the game is never short of entertainment.

Blox Fruits 

Best Roblox games 2023
Blox Fruits

Roblox Blox Fruits is an adventure game that takes place in Sea, Oceans, and Islands. Your role as a swordsman is to become a master swordsman by fighting against all the bosses in and around the seas. You can buy fruits from the Blox Dealers. The fruits will add skills to your weapons and swords. Become Master Swordsman or a Blox Fruit User and become the strongest man on the island. Blox Fruits is based on the Japanese One Piece anime manga series. With over 12.6 Billion visits, Blox Fruits is a popular game in Roblox and one of the most successful anime games to play in 2023.

Strongman Simulator

Strongman Simulator from the team of Gang Stockholm is an adventure game. The game’s concept is you need to bring the items to the floor. You will gain more energy for completing small challenges. Drag items and earn energy, this is the game’s plot. Your goal is to become the strongest man among your competitors. You can get your resources and put on some weight to become the best player in the world of Strongman Simulator.

Best Roblox games 2023
Strongman Simulator

Rojutsu Blox

Rojutsu Blox, the action roleplaying game from Retribution Studios is in its open beta right now. It is available with limited features and content. Complete the challenges and stories to progress in Rojutsu Blox. Like other successful games, Rojutsu Blox with much expectations will be a successful game in 2023. Once Rojutsu Blox is out in its full version, you can expect new features and challenges. Till then, play the beta version of Rojutsu Blox to understand the concepts and gameplay.


Doors from Lsplash is an intriguing horror thriller in Roblox. There are several demons and you need to escape from them in various locations. There are hundreds of doors and you can hide behind any of these doors. Doors has been played more than 1.5 Billion times and is a successful game in Roblox. Doors is still one of the most favorite games for many users in Roblox.

Hide and Seek Extreme

Best Roblox games 2023
Hide and Seek Extreme

Roblox Hide and Seek Extreme from Tim7775 is a highly-rated Roblox game. The developers have drawn inspiration from the real-life Hide and Seek game, and this is why this game is a smashing hit on Roblox. The battle is between the Hiders and Seekers in various locations on the map.  The Kitchen, The Store, The Backyard, and the Cursed Caven are the major locations where the Hiders can hide. The seekers need to identify the Hiders within the specified time.

These are the top 10 games to play from Roblox in 2023. We will be back with more Roblox guides soon.

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