For the old-school gamers and people who appreciate retro style games, check out our list of Best Retro Games that you can play on Mobile – android and ios

We bring a list of the best retro games you can play on your mobile whether you have an android or iOS device. Retro games are specially prepared for the consumers of classic games. Retro games never go out of style and remain an all-time favorite to date. For people craving nostalgia this is a really stress-free environment where they can enjoy their favorite games.

The old-school art style, themes, and mechanics carry a certain charm with them. A lot of our favorite franchises from PC have finally been made into mobile version games. Here is our list of the Best Mobile Retro Games that you should play.

Townscaper (Android | iOS)

All you need to do is click and a city gets built. You can create different styles of pre-industrial architectural styled buildings. This is the best wholesome city-building game to ever exist. This game is so much casual fun, there is no reason not to play this. You can feel Bob Ross played this game, with so many happy accidents.

Sega Forever (Android | iOS)

Imagine being able to play all your favorite Sega Genesis and classics on your latest Mobile device. Except you don’t need to imagine because it is actually possible! You can enjoy all your favorite classic retro games from Sega in one app. From Sonic the Hedgehog to the Street Rage collection, all the best classics are on your mobile device. It is without a doubt the best retro collection to play on your mobile device.

Crossy Roads (Android/ iOS)

This is a fun and cute endless runner game, with a great retro art style. There are a lot of characters to unlock with a few special event based characters from time to time. This game is the best F2P friendly and promotes its self as such. To unlock any character you need 100 coins, which then grants a retro-style character. The mechanics are simple and intuitive, which gives a retro feel to it. There is a nice shade of colors and grading used which soothes one’s mind.

Terraria (Android | iOS)

One of the games that feel like a kid’s game but its definitely not one. Terraria is an open-world 2D world, which is really a whole new take on this genre. An open-world survival game where you fight alien monsters where you can dig deep or build skyscrapers in this seamlessly infinite 2D world. Players can craft weapons, conduct research, and explore the flora and fauna of this crazy world along with zombies and other crazy monsters that come out during the night.

Minecraft (Android | iOS)

Minecraft is the ultimate beginner survival open world game. The pixel world gives an exhilarating thrill and experience of a lifetime, Minecraft remains a fan favorite to date. Its one of the longest-running games that come from PC to all other platforms – mobile and VR. This is the best classic retro that cannot be missed. It is one of the best retro authentic open world survivals you can play on your mobile device.

Doom (Android | iOS)

Doom is the best first person shooter hack and slash dungeon raider of hell. Set in the hellish environment, comes another classic PC game. The American-beta fantasy game to play shooter, gun slinger through hell. Be an unnamed space marine who shreds through hoards of hell-ish demons on various planets. Even in Hell itself, the game was a concept for the gun juggling strategy. The game is set to depict hell as it can been. One of the best slugger, sling and slug as you race through this maze, a retro classic not to be missed.

Stardew Valley (Android | iOS)

Stardew Valley is an award-winning farming simulator in retro 8-bit style graphics. Originally developed for PC, the mobile version has also added some new features. Stardew Valley makes farming life a reality for people living the fast-paced city life. Moreover, you can grow various crops, raise & breed animals and even get married!

Dan the man (Android | iOS)

The best showdown street fighter style bit-art style game for android and ios. Action pack that is a tard bit challenging enough to reel you up. With so many power moves and items that help you power through levels. The levels are a lot of times time based. Time attack while managing your health is serious business! The game has hordes of mobs with unique bosses at the end of each level. The game is packed with content, and also promotes a little bit of paid content.

Old School Runescape (Android | iOS)

Runescape is an ancient MMORPG which is running for eons now. A game which is still in action due to being free to play in the age of WOW. While World of warcraft was a paid game this appealed to the masses who wouldn’t shell that much on games. 3D games which was decent for that time and 3D game which was F2P. From dungeons, crafting, resource collection, monster hunting, so many varied types of activities.

Pac-Man (Android | iOS)

One of the oldest classics of all time, the yellow gobbler bob, Pac-Man or the Japanese Puck man, was a maze action game. The game was developed to be beyond the typical theme of war and sports. Pac man was inspired from a pizza without a slice and now its a global mascot for Bandai Namco. Moreover, It has transcended the time and races to become a sensational hit.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition (Andriod | iOS)

With more than 75 hours of gameplay, this is truly the best PC gaming experience on mobile. Needless to say, this retro game has a beautiful storyline worth following with the next-gen mobile devices. There wont be any problems running the game smoothly. This is a turn-based open world game where you have to properly utilize your surroundings with your wits. This is without a doubt one of the best retro game to play on your mobile device.

Pick a character from a choice of different races, customize your hero and its abilities. Set out on an adventure where every decision matters and can change the way the game plays out. There have been improvements made to the game making it bug free and smooth.

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