Best Pokemon Go Sierra Counters for February 2024



Discover the best Pokemon Go Sierra counters and moves to defeat the Rocket Go team leader.

Pokemon Go new raids and events are getting launched. Battle raids in Pokemon Go will be the best chance for trainers to showcase their prowess. A mighty challenge for trainers against the menacing Seirra is available now. Seirra, one of the leaders of Team Rocket Go, is highly immune to Poison, and Fighting  creatures. But you can counter her using your best Electric, Poison, Ghost and Fairy Pokemon.

Before you take part in the battle against Sierra, there’s a prelude. First, trainers have to beat 6 Rocket Grunts and collect mysterious components. With these resources, it’s essential to build a Rocket Radar. Next, you can use the Radar and find the location of a Rocket Leader. Although the chances for the rocket leader Sierra is 33%, you can still try your luck. Sierra deploys different Pokemon for each phase.

She will start with Tentacool and then use Houndoom at the last phase. Sierra’s team includes the strongest Shadow-type Pokemon. So, you have to strengthen your squad and utilize the best electric and fairy type creatures. Here is all about Pokemon Go Sierra raid, counters, moves and rewards. Explore the best Pokemon games for Android.

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Pokemon Go Sierra Counters & Moves

Pokemon go Sierra counters

Sierra raid is one of the most difficult challenges in Pokemon Go. Being the leader of Rocket Go, she’s the best moves and skills to counter trainers. Here are all shadow Pokemon you have to beat to complete the Sierra Raid,

  • Pokemon 1 – For the first phase, it will be Shadow Tentacool
  • Pokemon 2 – Sableye, Honchkrow and Milotic are your opponents for the 2nd round. One of these shadow Pokemon will be your enemy 
  • Pokemon 3 – The last phase of Sierra raid is more challenging. Here, you have to battle against Houndoom, Shadow Victreebel or Shadow Alakazam. Completing the Sierra raid will get your many rewards. Here are the best Pokemon Go Sierra raid counters and movesets,


Mewtwo is a Psychic Pokemon and one of the top-tier counters against Pokemon Go Sierra. With high CP, Stamina and ATK, it can clear all rounds in this battle raid. You can go with these moves of Mewtwo,

  • Shadow Ball – The ghost type charged move inflicts over 100 Dps and has high resistance as well
  • Psystrike – This Fast move deals more than 80 dps and consumes less energy
  • Psycho Cut – This psychic move deals heavy damage and attacks faster.


The dragon and ground type will be effective in the first two phases of the Sierra raid. It has various charged and fast moves. The best Garchomp moves are,

  • Earth Power – The Elite moveset for Garchomp deals more than 30 dps. It consumes 13 energy on average
  • Earthquake – An explosive move that deals more than 50 damage per second. This can be effective against Shadow Tentacool 
  • Sand Tomb – Sand Tomb deals more than 40 dps and it can avert attacks
  • Mud Shot – Mud Shot is one of the best ground moves to deploy against Pokemon of Sierra


Chandelure is a top-tier ghost and fire type. To counter Sierra and her Pokemon, you need a fiery unit like Chandelure. With exceptional ATK and CP, you can use these moves as well,

  • Fire Spin – A Fast fire-type move that deals more than 20 dps with less energy will be ideal
  • Hex – Another fast and ghost-type move that constantly deals more than 30 damage per second. Hex move will be effective against Pokemon like Sableye and Alakazam
  • Flame Charge – The primary charged fire attack of Chandelure deals 17 dps. Flame Charge has high power and consumes only little energy 
  • Energy Ball – The grass-type charged attack deals over 25 dps
  • Flame Charge – This fire attack has damage more than 70 and it deals 2 dpe


Tyranitar, the rock and dark will be a rare dark horse against Sierra. This Rock and Dark Pokemon is effective against Houndoom and Milotic. The best moves are,

  • Crunch – The charged dark-type move works efficiently as it has very good damage stats
  • Bite – This fast move unleashes heavy attacks and Bite deals more than 15 dps
  • Crunch – Another charged move if Tyranitar that has high resistance and DPS
  • Stone Edge – The Rock-type charge launches heavy attacks. Stone Edge deals more than 100 damage


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The Psychic and Fairy combination makes it difficult for Sierra and Sableye. With high def, atk and cp, Gardevoir is another powerful counter against Sierra.

  • Confusion – The main  psychic fast attack for Gardevoir is Confusion. It deals more than 29 dps
  • Charm – The fairy-type fast move deals heavy damage
  • Dazzling Gleam – A raging fairy-type charged attack deals lethal attacks and it has damage more than 100


Sylveon is a fairy-type Pokemon. It is one of the top counters for the Sierra battle raid. 

  • Charm – The main Fairy type fast attack is Charm. It unleashes non-stop attacks
  • Moonblast – The charged move has high dps and resistance.
  • Psyshock – The Psychic charge move is another good option to counter enemy’s attacks
  • Dazzling Gleam  – Dazzling Gleam works effectively against Sableye and it has fast attacks


Baxcalibur is a dragon and ice type dual Pokemon. Baxcalibur has great cp with high stamina and atk. Baxcalibur is one of the best counters against Honchkrow and Alakazam.

  • Dragon Breath – The firing Dragon-type fast attack deals explosive damage to enemies in its range
  • Ice Fang – The ice-type Pokemon deals more than 25dps 
  • Avalanche – Avalanche, the ice type move is one of the best charged attacks for Baxcalibur
  • Blizzard – Blizzard is an excellent moveset. Blizzard has 130 damage and deals 30 dps constantly


To trap Alakazam and  Sableye, Hydreigon will be the best counter. The Dark and Dragon type is a top-tier unit with massive CP and ATK.

  • Dark Pulse – This charged move deals massive damage and consumes high energy as well
  • Dragon Breath – The Dragon-type fast move inflicts heavy damage
  • Brutal Swing – The dark-type move unleashes heavy charged attacks


Togekiss is a fairy and flying Pokemon. This works well against Honchkrow.

  • Charm  –  The fairy fast move deals 20 dps and uses 13 energy 
  • Dazzling Gleam  – This fairy-type charge move boasts 100 damage. It deals 40 dps in raids
  • Aura Sphere – The fighting type move has damage stats over 90
  • Air Slash – The main flying move of Togekiss attacks faster and regenerates 10 energy


Known for its combat powers, Reshiram is effective and stronger against Victreebel. It’s a dragon and fire type. With some stunning moves, Reshiram is another strong counter against Pokemon Go Sierra,

  • Crunch – The dark charge move deals more than 25dps
  • Fire Fang – The main fire-type fast move deals more than 13 dps and launches heavy attacks
  • Fusion Flare – The fire charge attack deals over 70 dps and is one of the best charged moves for Reshiram
  • Overheat – Another fire-type charge move that constantly deals 40dps

These are the best Pokemon Go Sierra counters and moves to win this mega raid. Also, you can complete other new challenges and claim new Pokemon.

Rewards for Defeating Sierra in Pokemon Go – Team GO Rocket exclusive 12 km Strange Egg, 1,000 Stardust , Hyper Potion, Max Potion, Unova Stone, Max Revive 

How to beat Sierra Raid in Pokemon Go?

Sierra is one of the villains in the game. With the best Pokemon Go Sierra counters and movesets, trainers can defeat the dangerous Sierra and her companions as well.

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