Best Overwatch 2 Escort Map Heroes 


If you are struggling with all the escort maps, then do not worry, our guide will tell you about the best Overwatch 2 escort map heroes.

Escort Maps allow the attacking team to move a payload across the map while the defending team attempts to stop them. It is the attacking team’s goal to get their payload to the delivery point at the end of the map as soon as possible. When the defenders can prevent the attackers from regaining control of the payload before time runs out, they win. If you want to become the best in escort maps, then you will need the best Overwatch 2 escort map heroes.

Best heroes for Circuit Royal

Circuit Royal
Circuit Royal

The best heroes you can play on the Circuit Royal map are Parah and Echo. Pharah should spend most of her time firing rockets. It only takes one lucky shot for opponents to be taken out. You can use her Barrage to destroy the mass of enemy bodies or to charge the ultimate quickly. It is a deadly move in the game to use at the backlines against the most delicate enemies.

Using Barrage, enemies will die in seconds if they don’t move. Despite being interrupted and holding Pharah in midair, the benefits of eliminating a team outweigh the hazards. The ultimate of Pharah should kill two or more heroes. When fired at the recommended rate, it charges quickly, but it also feels bad to waste rockets.

As the Circuit Royal map starts narrow, a hero like Pharah or Echo makes sense for the attacking team. It is possible to disrupt the Defending team’s position by sending a flier into the enemy’s backline. Echo should be a hunter for half-health enemies. She will still be able to take at least one opponent with her even if she dies. To maximize Echo’s ultimate ability, shoot early and often.

Best Heroes for Dorado


In order to move the payload along quickly, tank heroes with shields, like Reinhardt and Sigma, can help the defending team. The higher the payload, the more space your team has for playing while being relatively safe. Sniper and flier Damage heroes will excel on Dorado. Heroes with vertical mobility can take advantage of the high-ground platforms and long sightlines, especially after the payload reaches Point A.

Despite Reinhardt’s main goal of protecting his teammates, the combination of Charge, Fire Strike, and Rocket Hammer can still be devastating at close range. Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer remains untouched in Overwatch 2 and still provides a significant amount of damage across a 5-meter cone.

The Barrier Field, which projects a sizable barrier in front of him and prevents practically all projectiles, bullets, and explosives, is Reinhardt’s signature ability. 

Aside from his shield, Sigma’s attacks are similar to Junkrat’s in damage and protect allies with a shorter range than his. If Sigma is played correctly, enemies will have to deal with him at the beginning of a battle. As the battle shifts locations, his shield recharges quickly and can be replaced. 

In this way, he is not just the best tank hero, he is also one of the best tank counters. His opponents stop shielding and focus on him as he is protecting his allies. He has the ability to turn defense into health, even allowing his health to exceed the maximum amount.

Best Heroes for Havana


You can use Mei and Torbjorn in the Havana map. Her standard shooting eliminates targets from close range and her secondary fire is a long-range shot with no drop-off and a potential fatality with a headshot. 

When it comes to locking down a point or escorting a target, Mei is one of the best heroes in the game. Despite the fact that Mei does not have the same life pool as Reinhardt or Roadhog, she has about the same survivability. Her hit points can be equivalent to a thousand between the time when she is healed and when she’s immune. 

An immobile defensive turret makes Torbjorn an extreme defender. In an emergency situation, his self-heal can save him, but he has no escape skills or mobility skills. He has a fairly defined role. A turret can be built to protect the escort target if he has extreme team chemistry, but this is a rare occurrence. Torbjorn isn’t just about his turret, though, since he can also fire a shotgun blast if he gets close.

These are the best Overwatch 2 escort map heroes you can use in the Havana map.

Best Heroes for Junkertown


The Soldier: 76 hero can be useful in Junkertown because taking advantage of high-ground platforms is crucial, whether you are on Attack or Defense. Sniper heroes and flier heroes can be advantageous here as well.

Soldier: 76 can be played best when you push and attack. As a result, you can put pressure on the enemy so they play defensively. You can also use him as a support in a pinch because of his sprint and biotic field abilities. You should be at least somewhat close to your opponent because his weapon’s damage falls off the range.

In the absence of support on your team, you can play passively by focusing more on supporting them. Biotic Field comes with a 15-second cooldown, so you should make sure to deal damage to the enemies when not healing your team.

So these were some of the best Overwatch 2 escort map heroes that you can use.

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