Discover a delightful assortment of the finest mobile games for kids in this comprehensive list. From various genres to captivating gameplay, these children-friendly games are sure to capture your heart and keep you entertained!

Kids these days are into mobile games and there are tons of mobile games that they can play. With such a huge number of free games, it is difficult to know about the best games. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we have made a list of the best mobile games for kids. If you are a kid and reading this article then make sure you try out all the games on our list. Moreover, if you are an adult looking for the best kid’s games, then the below list will definitely satisfy your search.

Best Mobile Games for Kids

Little Inferno

The player assumes the role of a small, largely unseen character who incinerates various objects, such as toys and appliances, to keep warm. The tiny character controls the fictional “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace,” which incinerates objects, such as toys and appliances. 

Upon burning objects, players receive money that can be used to buy more burnable objects from mail-order catalogs. In order to advance the narrative, they must burn the newest objects, which unlock new catalogs and expand the selection of (more expensive) objects. 

The game has no scoring system, and players are not penalized or given time limits, so they are free to experiment with burning any mixture of objects. The shapes are positioned and ignited using a drag-and-drop interface.

Little Inferno
Little Inferno

Toca Kitchen 2

It’s back With a new chef to meet, more tools you can play with, and new food combinations to discover, Toca Kitchen 2 is the perfect game for all aspiring chefs. It’s up to you how you cook in Toca Kitchen 2! Get creative and come up with your own recipes to impress your guests. You have the option of Boiled tomatoes, boiled salad, or burgers.

There are six different kitchen tools included with the kit, so you can prepare fun foods with ease. Make your guests happy by loading up with their favorite ingredients, adding a pinch of weirdness, and finishing off with a squeeze of messiness. Watch their reactions to discover their preferences. 

Toca Kitchen 2
Toca Kitchen 2

Toon Cup – Football Game

Play the fantastic football game known as Toon Cup and have fun selecting your favorite Cartoon Network characters, such as Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball, Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls, and Apple from Apple & Onion. In the largest Toon Cup Tournament ever, hone your talents, cooperate with your squad, and score goals to climb the leaderboard. By carefully choosing players based on their stats and abilities, you can create an unbeatable team. 

The objective of the game is to protect your own goal while scoring goals. Don’t be deceived; with the brutal goalkeeper on the other team, scoring may not be as easy as it seems! For a chance to win, tackle, dribble, pass, and shoot! During the game, keep an eye out for the great power-ups that appear since they can help your team members or, if your opponent obtains them, hurt them. Among the many power-ups to find are a Super Speed and a Banana Slip.

Learn about the brand-new Toon Leagues game mode. Play Super Squads with a squad you make! Gain points by winning games to advance in the various Leagues! Each League has an incredible trophy. This football game is one of the best mobile games for kids.

Toon Cup - Football Game
Toon Cup – Football Game

Ben 10: Up to Speed

Ben 10: Up to the Speed is an amazing game and the Ben 10 fans will definitely love the game. In the story, Ben was on a road trip as always with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen. He discovers the alien watch known as the Omnitrix. With the help of the Omnitrix, you can turn into super-strong aliens. There are many different aliens that you can transform into. Some of the most famous are four arms, Heatblast, and XLR8. By using their individual powers you can smash through obstacles and beat down the bad guys.

You can level up the aliens and the Omnitrix too in order to become stronger and faster. It is up to you to transform into the correct alien at the right time and defeat all the enemies so that you can taste victory. Ben 10 is very popular and that is why it is on our list of the best mobile games for kids.

Ben 10: Up to Speed
Ben 10: Up to Speed

Spongebob: Get Cooking

This is a game that lets you experience the world of SpongeBob SquarePants in a new way. You can cook various dishes for the customers of the Krusty Krab, the most famous restaurant in Bikini Bottom. You can also meet and interact with other characters from the show, such as Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Gary, and more. The game has many levels and challenges to keep you entertained and test your cooking skills. You can also earn coins and gems to upgrade your kitchen and unlock new recipes. The game has colorful graphics, lively music, and hilarious sound effects. SpongeBob: Get Cooking is a game that will make you feel like you are part of the SpongeBob SquarePants universe! 

Spongebob: Get Cooking
Spongebob: Get Cooking

Thomas & Friends Minis 

You can create your own railway set piece by piece in Thomas & Friends Minis and interact with Thomas and all of his friends as you assemble it. With unlimited customization options including whirly waterslides, frozen loops, rainbow bridges, dino spine rails, and more, you may let your creativity run wild. Embark on your favorite Minis engine and enjoy every curve, stunt, and twist! 

Build a tonne of thrilling tracks, including twisted twists and rattling slopes, and use augmented reality to fully immerse yourself in your train set and experience it like never before. Additionally, you can launch yourself via breathtaking acrobatics, audacious boosts, and ferocious roller coasters.

Furthermore, you can completely destroy your railway set by adding huge trees, stunning structures, and brilliant decorations. Drive around your inventions in the third person with Thomas, Percy, and others as you decorate the topography of your set with sand beaches, lava that is bubbling, and snowy blizzards. Also available are amazing engine skins like Hero Hiro or Spooky Spencer that can be unlocked by gathering golden gears. 

Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog

As a new dog owner, you will be responsible for feeding, putting to sleep, entertaining, and caring for your own dog in his lovely house. Duddu lives in an amazing world full of fun and adventure. Create a true friendship with your new virtual pet. Additionally, you’ll need to care for your scout dog outdoors.

Duddu’s world is yours to explore. Enjoy a tropical vacation on the sunny island with a hammock and coconut palms. Design your own pirate ship and teach him different tricks at the dog school. In this colorful world, where the Sun rises and sets whenever you please, you can dance in the club, exercise in the gym, paint and draw in the gallery, or play drums and piano in the music center.

You can also play various cooking games, bubble shooter games, solitaire games, archer games, pirate battle games, brick-breaking games, block puzzle games, treasure island games, motorcycle racing games, fruit connect games, space explorer farms, and more. Shop for some interesting furnishings, food, and clothing, or decorate your home and pirate ship.

Lara Croft Go

A turn-based puzzle video game, Lara Croft Go follows the Tomb Raider franchise. Like its predecessor, Hitman Go, it takes place in a series of connected levels. As the player takes turns controlling Croft, he moves her one unit between connected nodes as the environment rests. During the player’s turn, Croft moves one unit between connected nodes.

During Croft’s rest period, enemies and obstacles on the board simultaneously move one unit. While Hitman Go contained vertical movement with vertical steps, cliff faces, and climbable terrain, Lara Croft Go incorporates vertical movement with steps, cliff faces, and climbable terrain. There are forty overall levels and five chapters in the game.


A one-finger platform game, Ordia takes you on a journey as a new life form as it takes its first steps into a strange and hazardous world. Jump, bounce, stick, and slide through rich and vibrant landscapes. It is your task to guide every creature to safety in an ancient world filled with perils, challenges, and surprises. With 30 levels to complete, bonus levels, and achievements to unlock, Ordia is a fun yet challenging game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Talented and Gifted

If you’re looking for something that will combine playing and learning at the same time, try  by Kids Academy. 

After choosing the right grade level the player will embark on a learning journey with the help of videos, interactive quizzes, AI-driven worksheets, and games. They will go through mazes, match pictures, draw, tick checkboxes, circle objects, and do many other activities. Colorful animation and professional voice-overs will add to the pleasure of using the app.

When a task is completed, the learner will earn points; if not all the answers are correct, an encouraging phrase will be played and another chance to complete the task will be given.

Extra motivation is provided by the in-built game called Dress Up Eddie where the player can go shopping for funny clothes in a virtual shop to customize a cute purple elephant.

Human Heroes Einstein On-Time

This game introduces kids to telling the time (a National Curriculum learning area) as well as understanding how speed and gravity affect time (via exciting mini-games, interactive stories, and other activities). The creator of the theory of relativity himself will educate children in this innovative educational experience. Presented in 3D, Einstein will be their very own personal tutor, guiding them through the various games, offering advice, and encouraging laughter. 

Designed to cover a key part of the National Curriculum, the first stage is divided into 17 levels where players will learn how to read clocks with different configurations: O’Clock, quarter past twelve, PM and AM, 24-hour format, and even Roman numeral clocks.

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