Here is our Back 4 Blood Weapon Tier List. Find out the best guns in the game to shoot some zombies in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood offers a multitude of viable methods for gamers to slaughter hordes of the undead. Players have access to a variety of weapons, including shotguns, snipers, and automatic pistols; they will almost likely find one that suits them. Additionally, players’ seemingly limitless access to attachments for their guns can produce some amazingly powerful weaponry.

Some weapons are simply better than others in Back 4 Blood without the need for any special attachments, and as many players will discover, a base weapon with no attachments can be more viable in certain situations than a fully decked-out gun simply due to the inherent characteristics of each firearm. When preparing to face an attack against the Ridden, this tier list should assist beginners to Back 4 Blood in deciding what to keep and what to discard. Here is our Back 4 Blood Weapon Tier List.

Back 4 Blood Weapon Tier List

S Tier

These are hands down the best weapons in Back 4 Blood. They have the most strengths and the least weaknesses and tend to offer the most zombie-slaying efficiency.

WeaponsWeapon TypeAmmo Type
AK47Fully AutomaticRifle Ammo
Phoenix 350LSemi-AutomaticSniper Ammo
ScarFully AutomaticRifle Ammo
UziFully AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo
Glock 23 (Auto)Fully AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo
TEC 9Fully AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo

A Tier

Weapons of the A Tier are slightly less effective than those in the S Tier. It could be because the attachments on these weapons aren’t as powerful, or because they’re not as accessible as the S Tier options.

WeaponsWeapon TypeAmmo Type
M4 CarbineFully AutomaticRifle Ammo
Super 90Semi-AutomaticShotgun Ammo
RPKFully AutomaticRifle Ammo
Desert EagleSemi-AutomaticSniper Ammo
VectorFully AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo
MP5Fully AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo
Glock 23Semi-AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo
UMP45Fully AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo

B Tier

The B Tier weapons are average weapons that do the job but are not the best in their weapon type.

WeaponsWeapon TypeAmmo Type
M249Fully AutomaticRifle Ammo
AA12Fully AutomaticShotgun Ammo
Barrett M95 (Burst)3 Round BurstPistol / SMG Ammo
M163 Round BurstRifle Ammo
M1ASemi-AutomaticSniper Ammo
TAC14Pump ActionShotgun Ammo
back 4 blood weapon tier list
Zombie hunting in Back 4 Blood

C Tier

These are some of the underpowered weapons in the game. They had little use at the start of the game but after that, they can be replaced with better ones. 

WeaponsWeapon TypeAmmo Type
Ranch RifleSemi-AutomaticRifle Ammo
The BelgianDouble BarrelPistol / SMG Ammo
Fire AxeMeleeMelee
870 ExpressPump ActionShotgun Ammo
Barrett M95Semi-AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo

D Tier

Any weapon in the D Tier is objectively bad and should be avoided at all costs. During the campaign act, you should replace or discontinue utilizing the most basic melee or sidearm weapons.

WeaponsWeapon TypeAmmo Type
357 MagnumDouble ActionRifle Ammo
Beretta M9 (Auto)Semi-AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo
M1911Semi-AutomaticPistol / SMG Ammo

This was our Back 4 Blood Weapons Tier List. Each weapon has a particular advantage. If you pair it with that, you will be an unstoppable beast. But you should choose a weapon that you enjoy and fits your playstyle. 

You can play Back 4 Blood on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Microsoft Windows.

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