Another Code Recollection – Release Date, Gameplay, Price, and More


This post talks about Another Code Recollection and its upcoming release date, new features, and more.

Another Code Recollection is the new compilation that packs in two beloved point-and-click adventures is almost here. To learn the fates of Ashley Mizuki Robins’s parents in two stories, solve puzzles, look for clues once again, and delve into her background. The first game takes place on Blood Edward Island, and the second takes place in Lake Juliet two years later.

Another Code Recollection
Another Code: Recollection Art Cover

Another Code Recollection Release Date

Discover the mysteries of Another Code Recollection when it launches globally on January 19, 2024, for the Nintendo Switch. Experience improved gameplay as you go through puzzles and learn about Ashley Mizuki Robins’s history.

Venture on a gripping adventure in the Another Code Recollection game, revealing the mystery shrouding Ashley Mizuki Robins’ family. Players take on Ashley in two improved mystery adventures, one of which has never been published in North America previously.

In “Two Memories,” 13-year-old Ashley travels throughout Blood Edward Island after receiving a letter from her father, who is purportedly dead. Here, she navigates a home full of mysterious mysteries and meets a ghostly entity named D. Two years later, “Journey into Lost Memories,” the sequel, takes place. Ashley’s Lake Juliet camping trip takes an unexpected turn when she starts having memories of her mother.

Ashley works with a fugitive youngster to discover the secrets of the lake through conversations with residents and tourists. Investigating, studying the environment, and solving brainteasers are all part of the gameplay.

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Ashley Mizuki Robbins Character

Another Code Recollection Gameplay

Another Code Recollection is a top-notch challenging puzzle game. The key to solving brainteasers and riddles that leave you scratching your head is to trust your inquisitive instincts. You must carefully evaluate the hints you gather. Usually, they are far more complex than first glance suggests.

To find out the truth, you’ll also need to talk to others. Remember that not everyone is going to be open to conversation. Pay close attention to discern reality from fantasy and learn what is truly happening.

And don’t forget about your trusty DAS too. The Dual ANOTHER System is a peculiar tiny handheld device that has a secret. You can take notes on any important information you find using it and refer to it at a later time.

Screenshot 2 2
Another Code Recollection Screenshot

Gamers don’t need extra help to discover the puzzles inside the collection thanks to updated navigation tools and suggestions. The game boasts completely 3D explorable areas, redesigned graphics, and fresh voice acting. It is undoubtedly an improvement over its predecessors. Anticipate that certain events and settings were omitted in the remake.

Another Code Recollection Price

Another Code: Recollection is available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop for $59.99.

Is this game a remake?

This is more of remaster which includes both the titles of the series

Is it exclusive to the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, this game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The previous versions of the game were released on the Nintendo DS

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