Amouranth to host Mr and Ms Metaverse – A Youtube and Twitch Pageant


Twitch’s controversial hot-tub streamer Amouranth has several accolades to her name. Adding to the list, Amouranth will now be hosting Mr and Ms Metaverse, a pageant for Twitch and YouTube celebrities.

Amouranth is one of the most controversial streamers on Twitch. There have been several debates in the community about her and the kind of content she streams- the hot-tub streams. Apart from being a pioneer of the hot-tub meta on Twitch, Amouranth also has several other accolades to her name. Now, she is all set to host Mr and Ms Metaverse, a pageant for YouTube and Twitch stars. She will cohost the event along with Alpharad, a YouTube and Twitch sensation.

As fans can guess from the name, the event will be a beauty pageant catering specifically to YouTube and Twitch stars. This is a domain that has not been explored in the gaming and streaming community so far, so the outcome might be interesting to see.

Amouranth announces Mr and Ms Metaverse event

Amouranth has always been known to add her own twist to commonplace things. Sticking to this aspect, the OnlyFans star added her own twist to the Mr and Ms World Beauty Pageant, called Mr and Ms Metaverse. The event, which she will cohost with Alpharad, is set to take place in Los Angeles in December this year.

Both streamers announced the upcoming pageant through their social media handles, stating that the event will take place on December 4. While they have not divulged too many details about the event so far, Amouranth did let slip that it will feature some of the biggest creators on both Twitch and YouTube.

Fans had questions about the name of the event

Owing to the name of the event, fans had questions about whether there was any association with crypto or Facebook. However, both streamers came forward to explain the logic behind the name Metaverse. While Amouranth explained in detail, this is the explanation that Alpharad had to offer.

After a while, however, the streamer gave up trying to explain the logic behind the name and said that they were open to new name suggestions.

Fans also shared their suggestion for names for the upcoming event.

It is safe to say that fans are quite excited about the upcoming event. While so far, we only know that the event will be a beauty pageant for the biggest celebrities on YouTube and Twitch, the hosts have not revealed any names yet. However, we can be sure that more information will come out as the date of the event comes closer.

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