Here is everything we know so far about the Alone in the Dark official remake. Read below to find out all the details about this fantastic game.

The Alone in the Dark franchise is making a very big comeback thanks to THQ Nordic and developer Pieces Interactive. Alone in the Dark is considered one of the best horror franchises ever written in gaming, but it has largely vanished since Atari released a poorly received title back in the Xbox 360 era.

A number of fans have hoped for more from the franchise, which left its best games in the 90s. The horror franchise may not be as familiar to younger gamers as it used to be, but it influenced games like Resident Evil quite heavily. Now, to know more details about Alone in the Dark, read below.

Visuals from the trailer
Visuals from the trailer

Alone in the Dark Trailer

The announcement trailer for Alone in the Dark kicked off THQ Nordic’s Livestream, and it gave fans a taste of what to expect from the story in an appropriately creepy manner. As a doll dangle from nooses in a bedroom, a girl sings House of the Rising Sun with a southern accent.

There is also a glimpse of the singing girl holding a similar rope around her own neck as she smiles at us. This alone captures the “Southern Gothic” atmosphere that has been hinted at in leaked information. The individuals and some of the locations that players will see are briefly shown in the trailer. 

As well as offering a glimpse at some of the horrifying monsters Edward Carnby will face in the new game, the trailer also features many unsettling sounds and images that are sure to chill viewers and get them ready for a spooky experience. In the final shot, we see the gameplay from the reimagining’s combat and exploration, so we can get a sense of what it’s like to play it.


Despite the trailer’s lack of gameplay snippets, we get an idea of what can be expected. In the trailer, it appears the game will revolve around shooting, melee combat, and exploration from a third-person perspective. 

Also, the announcers on the live stream revealed a few more details about what to expect from the game when it releases. The game will feature “desperate combat and atmospheric puzzles” as players struggle to survive and unravel the mysteries at Derceto Manor. 

In survival horror, pistols, shotguns, and melee weapons (like axes) will be available for combat, similar to the classics. In the trailer, there is an indication that there will be some sort of puzzle involving matching spinning disks, as well as a sequence where switches must be flipped in the right order.

Alone in the Dark official Remake releasing on which consoles?

  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PlayStation 5
  • PC
Visuals from the trailer
Visuals from the trailer

So, this was everything about the Alone in the Dark official Remake. 

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