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Security Drones are yellow-colored orbs and you can find them in various places in Destiny 2. Check our Destiny 2 security drone locations guide to find them and blow them up!

Destiny 2 has always surprised its fans with new content. Security Drone is one such addition from Bungie that’s been used for various missions and other purposes. Security Drones are orbs that are available throughout the locations Europa, Mars, and the Moon. As of now, there are over 50 Security Drones and 12 of them are used for the latest Exotic quest Operation: Seraph’s Shield. These security drones were a challenging opponent for every guardian in Destiny 2 as they were resistant to all types of moves, attacks, and weapons. Then came the new Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle gun, this gun can easily take on the orbs.

If you are looking to challenge these security drones, you need to find them at many spots. Here are all the security drone locations in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph. You can find the Security Drones from these locations and then you can also use them to complete the upcoming Destiny 2 Season 19 missions and quests. Here we go with our Destiny 2 security drone location guide.

Security Drone Locations Destiny 2
Security Drones

Security Drones in Destiny 2

The Security Drones are mysterious yellow-colored orbs that are highly resistant to every weapon. But the latest Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle gun from Bungie can take out these orbs. Here are the locations of security drones that you can find

Security Drones in Europa

  • Asterion Abyss 1 – Visit Asterion Abyss and find one near the chest of the caves
  • Asterion Abyss 2 – find the next orb here near the icy ledge near the concealed void lost sector
  • Concealed Void Lost Sector – find the third one here at the Vex structure
  • Beyond – Find the next security drone in the pyramid stairs of Europa 
  • Cadmus Ridge 1 – visit Charon’s Crossing and find the next one near the ice
  • Cadmus Ridge 2 – pass through the icicle, find the next one near the chest at the Clovis bray facility
  • Perdition – explore the lost sector in the same Cadmus ridge, and then enter the boss room to find one
  • Bunker E15 – find the next orb in a hidden room
  • Eventide Ruins 1 – visit Deep Stone Crypt Raid, and move to the red building, find the chests near a hatch
  • Eventide Ruins 2 – find the next one at the ruined lost sector here

Security Drones on Moon

  • The Hellmouth 1 – find one near the Hive Tombship
  • The Hellmouth 2 – find one at the K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector 
  • Hellmouth Lost near the boss Sector – on top of the radio antenna, find one here
  • Sorrow’s Harbor 1 – find the next orb near the scarlet keep
  • Sorrow’s Harbor 2 – find the next one near the room after passing through the ramp in scarlet keep
  • Sorrow’s Harbor Lost Sector – visit the K1 Revelation lost sector and find one near the crystals after getting to the fence
  • Anchor of Light 1 – find one near a building after getting to the toland patrol 
  • Anchor of Light 2 – find one close to the Traitor’s Ketch
  • Archer’s Line – find one near the building on the west
  • Archer’s Line Lost Sector – go to the boss arena, and find one inside the room of a small house 

Security Drones in Heist Battlegrounds

A total of 18 security drones can be found in the Heist Battlegrounds activities and they are scattered in the regions of the Moon, Mars, and Europa. 


  • Anchor of Light – find the first one here near the canisters at the hill
  • Fallen Mines – find the next one at the small alcove 
  • Seraph Bunker – pass through the tunnel and find one near the grounds
  • Scorn Chieftain – explore the arena, find the terminal and enter the hallway, find one near the wall
  • Relic Room – find the big room near the ruins, and find one over there
  • Offshoot Room – find one here by passing through the corridors and PDT Refraction Cores
Destiny 2 Security Drone
Destiny 2 Security Drone


  • Entry way – find one where the first Acolyte spawns 
  • Snowfield – find one near the metal platform 
  • Hall way – enter the area where barrier knight spawns, find one near the ceiling 
  • White Room – pass through the tunnels, then find the vandals, and find one where the hive spawns once again 
  • Near the Corridor – pass the area where the wizard is there, and find one near the corridor 
  • Clovis Room – find one near the boxes in the rooms


  • Point A – visit the totem and find the one where the deathsong chorister keeps spawning 
  • First Encounter – cross the hive trap and find one near the wall
  • Final bunker – find the big door here, unlock it and find one near the corridor 
  • Platform – find one at the large platforming near the Hive spawning zone
  • Point C – find one near the small roof
  • Bray Futurescape – cross the terrace and find one after the ceiling

Security Drones in Operation: Seraph’s Shield 

Here are the last locations to find the security drones 

  • Yellow Room – find one near the engineering sector where captains and operator vandals are located
  • Seraph Bunker – cross through the tunnel, find one at the hidden room
  • Turret Room – Find one after passing through the Corridors, and kill the enemies on the corridors if there are any 
  • Microwave Room – pass through the terminals, and find one near the glass door
  • Operator Room – use the scanner augment to enter, and find the orb near the ceiling
  • Ogre Room – find one where ogres and acolytes are spawning
  • Boss Room 1 – clear the enemies, hack the terminals, and find one over here
  • Boss Room 2 – find the next orb near the panels
  • Post Boss Room – find the next room after the boss room by clearing the security, look for the drone near the wall
  • Shrieker Room – pass through the glass room, and you will find the hives spawning in large numbers, find the next orb where shrieker and knight are there
  • Red Operator Room – defeat vandal and captains, get the operator augment,  and find one near the glass
  • Locked room – the last area close to the laser room to find the security drone, unlock the room using security clearance and shoot your final orb here
Seraph Security Drones
Seraph Security Drones

These are the locations of all the 50 security drones in Destiny 2 season 19. Find and defeat these orbs to unlock new quests in the season of the Seraph.

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