Are you a fan of Genshin Impact and want to follow the franchise’s popular streamers to keep up with the game updates and gameplay? Here is a list of the best streamers you should follow.

The latest modern gaming trend is now blending the anime genre and various RPG game styles. The gaming world of Gacha games offers anime fans the to witness the fantasy journey of the anime world. Thanks to the modern gaming era gamers can now virtually experience the anime world in real-time with their favorite characters.

The concept of Genshin Impact has fantastically developed its theme around anime while offering the players to inherit the role of their favorite anime characters and do some action with it.

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Best Genshin Impact Streamers to Watch 2

While you explore the world of Genshin Impact you might be looking for little guidance to improve your game skills by watching other players play. The world of Teyvat has a lot to offer, in such a vast world no matter how much knowledge you have it’s still less.

The Genshin Impact Streamers offer key insights and provide various updates and entertaining content along with some excellent tips and tricks. Are you also looking for which Genshin Impact streamer to follow? We have listed the top streamers from the Genshin Impact community for you to check out.

1. Enviosity

YouTube | Twitch

Enviosity is famously known as the F2P Archon by his fans. He is one of the most popular Genshin Impact streamers, so make sure to add this content creator to the list. Enviosity is a fun-to-watch personality as he not only delivers fun content but also gives educational content to his viewers. He gives you guides, every update, and even hacks to increase your daily progress. He even tells you how to have fun in the game if you ever get bored by the default gameplay.

2. Bwaap

YouTube | Twitch

If you want to just enjoy fun gameplay in a fun way, Bwaap is here to entertain. Bwaap gives funny content for the viewers and makes sure to keep Gen Z engaged by giving humor of their level. If you are looking for fun content with nice Genshin Impact gameplay he is your guy.

3. Teyvat Historia


Destiny 2, Genshin Impact, or Dark Souls is the place you go if you want lore videos of these games. This channel makes fun content by exploring these games and also breaks down the entire gameplay of these games. Their video helps you understand everything boutique the game and all the updates that happen. You can get profound information about all the gacha games and other RPG games.

4. Mtashed

YouTube| Twitch

If you are new to Genshin Impact and figuring out the how of the game he is the guide you are looking for. Mtashed spends a lot of money in the game to buy different items. That’s not all, he also has a F2P account to show how to have fun in Genshin Impact without spending a buck. And also provides you with tricks and tips to make your gaming more fun.

5. IWinToLose Gaming


IWinToLose Gaming is the channel you can blindly rely on if you’re also bad at building your characters. Even though there are plenty of guides out there to help you out this guy makes it fun to learn and looks out for useful things for you to make your gaming experience easier. He has videos like why Benett is a six-star character and what talents should be awarded for maximum gains and the best Fwp builds in Genshin. He is the guy you can go to get profound knowledge of the game which you never knew.

6. Tectone

YouTube | Twitch

Tectone is one of the big streamers and creators out there that you certainly can’t miss. This creator is more about expertise than teaching you about the game. So I’d you are looking for guides and he is not the guy. He gives a very strong commentary and streams his gameplay in a fun way.

7. Sekapoko

YouTube | Twitch

Sekapoko is the channel to be in constant touch with if you want all the latest updates on the game. He talks about seasonal events, new banners, and scandals in the GI community and also provides you with guides to the game. He shows and compares builds and weapons quite often, so you can definitely be good at the game with his content.

8. OkCode

YouTube | Twitch

His streams are usually entertaining as he cracks a lot of jokes in his videos. He has excellent video editing skills and despite having fewer subscribers he is always chill doing what he usually does.

9. AsianGuyStream

YouTube | Twitch

AsianGuyStream is a channel that provides you with infotainment content about Genshin Impact. He knows how to maintain a good balance between entertainment and knowledge. His videos are fun to watch at the same time you can learn a lot about Genshin Impact. One thing about this streamer is that he always keeps his camera on and shows his face which makes his video even more relatable. He also gives you guides and tips along with some fun in the game.

10. Rawfler

YouTube | Twitch

Rawfler is famous for delivering humorous content on his channel along with fun gameplay. He is one of the most successful humorous Genshin Impact content creators out there. His humor is on point and you will definitely feel like playing GI more after watching him play it in a fun way, thanks to his humor. Along with streaming in English he also streams in Spanish.

11. Dish

Youtube | Twitch

Dish is a popular female streamer in the Genshin Impact community and creates fun content around the game. She is not much known for guides but she makes very fun content whilst streaming the game and her commentary and gameplay will keep you entertained for sure. She rose to fame because of Genshin Impact. Apart from Genshin Impact she also creates content around other games like Among Us, Minecraft, and Portal. You can certainly learn a lot of fun things from her streams and gameplay and you can even be updated about the game from her videos.

12. SevyPlays

Youtube | Twitch

She is yet another female streamer who uploads ultimate guides, updates, and all the other Genshin Impact news. She is a 23-year-old streamer who makes quite engaging and informative Genshin Impact content. Sarah Eliya is the person you are looking for if you want detailed guides and updates on the game.

These are the best streamers in the Genshin Impact community that you can follow. These streamers can give you the best content in Genshin Impact for improving your gameplay.

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