All Mask Shard Locations in Hollow Knight


Here is a list of all Mask Shard Locations in Hollow Knight to collect them easily. Collect them all to progress in the game.

Hollow Knight is quite a tough game with an impressive combat mechanism. You are required to collect mask Shards in the game to increase your overall HP in the game. Upon collecting as many Shards as possible you will have a higher chance of surviving the game much longer and taking down the enemies much more easily.

In case you are down you will have to take down your Shade before you regain your Geo. There are a total of 16 Shards in Hollow Knight that you will have to find. Given that there are so many you will need the right guidance to find them.

So here are all the locations where you can find the Shards in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight Mask Shards location
All Mask Shard Locations in Hollow Knight 3

All Mask Shard Locations in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Mask Shard locations one to four.

It’s quite easy to get the 1st 4 Shards given that you have to buy them from Sly in Dirtmouth. The cost for each of the Ford shards is given below.

  • Mask Shard #1 – 150 Geo
  • Mask Shard #2 – 500 Geo
  • Mask Shard #3 – 800 Geo, and only available after you give Sly the Shopkeeper’s Key
  • Mask Shard #4 – 1,500 Geo, and only available after you give Sly the Shopkeeper’s Key
Mask Shards in Hollow Knight
All Mask Shard Locations in Hollow Knight 4

Mask Shard Location five

Upon Defeating the enemy the Brooding Mawlek you get the reward mask Shard.

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Mask Shard location six

You will receive this from Grubfather as a reward for free 5 of his precious Grubs.

Mask Shard seven

You can find these Shards in the Forgotten Crossroads below the False Knight and near the Goam enemies. You can easily find this with the Mantis claw ability.

Mask Shard location eight

This Shard can be located in Queen’s Station near the east side. For this as well you will need the Mantis Claw to reach this location.

Mask Shard location nine

For this location, you are required to save Bretta and later visit their house in Dirtmouth. Upon completing this you will be rewarded with another mask Shard.

Mask Shard location ten

This is located deep in Green Park to the Southeast corner in an area called the Stone Sanctuary. Here there is another Mask Shard waiting for you here, so we recommend using the Lumafly to get to this place

Mask Shard location eleven

Upon getting to the Royal waterways and gaining the swimming ability head to the Northwestern room in this area and swim under the path into another room on the left. Here you will get the next Mask Shard.

Mask Shard location twelve

You can find this down in Deepnest, West of the room where you will come across the Mantis Lords after you pass through Fungal Core. You will need the Monarch Wings to reach this one.

Mask Shard location thirteen

You will have to face the enemy Enraged Guardian again and find the area known as Crystal Guardian. It could be tough but the reward would be worth the battle.

Hollow Knight mask shard location fourteen

A mask shard can be found in a room in the hidden area known as the Hive beneath Kingdom’s Edge, but you must convince a Hive Guardian to break down the wall first. The room is just below where you first meet the Hoppers in Kingdom’s Edge, beneath the room to the east of the main area.

Mask Shard locations fifteen

Upon acquiring the Dream Nail, collect 1500 essence and head to the Seer, they will have a Mask shard that they will give you upon completing this mission.

Mask Shard locations sixteen

Upon completing the delicate flower quest, in the Grey Mourner in the Resting Grounds. You will be rewarded with the last Mask Shard.

These are all the locations for Mask Shards in Hollow Knight that you are required to find. This is your key to progress in the game and upgrading your character to survive in the game. Best of luck with your game ahead in Hollow Knight.

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