All Honkai Star Rail Hacking Callcard Locations



Discover the secret spots where these coveted hacking callcard can be found, enhancing your gameplay in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail new patch update 1.1 version is live. There are plenty of new characters in the game along with Silver Wolf. There’s also a new arcade challenge named Sealed Sector that’s also a part of the new Starhunt Game event. Once you complete Punklorde Mentality, you can automatically unlock the Sealed Sector domain missions. There are plenty of tasks to complete under this part and the main one is to find Hacking Callcard locations.

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These Hacking Callcard is available on difficulty levels. There are four difficulty levels in the simulated universe. You have to get there and find all Hacking Callcard locations. Here’s all you need to know about the Starhunt Hacking callcard and their locations in Honkai Star Rail.

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Every Honkai Star Rail Hacking Callcard Location

There are four difficulty Callcard locations and you have to find them to progress in the sealed sector domain challenge. You also get various rewards for locating all these Callcards in the game. Check out all sealed sector Callcard locations in our guide here.

All Hacking Callcard  Locations

Every Callcard will be hidden in various locations. The best spots to find them are here,

Honkai Star Rail Hacking Callcard
Sealed sector

Hacking Callcard #1

Get to entrance point where you also find the first Graffiti. Here, you can also find one near the pillars. Next, you have to walk further and solve a puzzle to find the final Callcard in difficulty I level

Hacking Callcard #2

Get to the bridge and you can find one there near a sticker. You can find another one towards the left side. Next, you can find one near a plant closer to a room.

Hacking Callcard #3

Get to the roundabout and find the first Callcard near an elevator. Next, you have to enter another room and beat a boss, this will reward you with the next Callcard. Solve another puzzle to find the next calling card here.

How To Play Starhunt Game Arcade Challenge Day 1 Event Guide Access Screening Honkai Star Rail 1 40 screenshot

Hacking Callcard #4

You can find the first Callcard near the entrance door. Make your way to the area near orange bridge and find the next Callcard closer to a plant. Another one can be found inside the storage facility room

These are all the locations to find Hacking Call cards as a part of the Sealed Sector mission in the Starhunt game event. The event also has more challenges as well.


The rewards for finding all Hidden Callcards are,

  • Credits
  • Stellar Jade
  • Traveler’s Guide
  • Refined Aether

That’s everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail sealed sector hacking callcard locations in our guide. We will come back with more Honkai Star Rail updates and guides soon.

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