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The quest begins at the bottom of the Tower of Ipsissimus after collecting the fifth Genshin Impact Looking Glass.

You can start an epic journey through Genshin Impact‘s hidden world with the quest “Through the Looking Glass.” Find the six unidentifiable Looking Glasses that hold the keys to a mesmerizing journey and learn the secrets of Fontaine. This guide shows you the exact places and detailed information you need to find your way through and beat the tasks each Genshin Impact Looking Glass throws at you.

This is the look glass
This is the look glass

Genshin Impact Looking Glass 1 – Orthant of Memory

Location: Teleport to the north side of the Tower of Ipsissimus.

On the north side of the Tower of Ipsissimus, a watery drop leads to Orthant of Memory’s first Looking Glass. Teleport to the waypoint and descend down a submerged maze of stairs to an intriguing open wall. Heading left, you pass a massive, mysterious machine, changing your aquatic journey. Explore this mysterious underwater scene and see the first Looking Glass’s faint glow. The play of light and shadow creates an ethereal mood that builds anticipation as you approach your destination. Passing the massive equipment, you’re pulled to the Looking Glass’s fascinating glow. The captivating and cryptic visual spectacle sets the stage for future difficulties.

Dive into the Looking Glass to see a world within a world. Violet light fills the aquatic surroundings in the stunning interior. Rifthounds, the underwater realm’s guardians, soon test your mettle. These ghostly protectors of the depths are powerful. They guard the fish’s entry into the artwork with their supernatural powers. A battle of brains and tactics tests your martial skills. To defeat these guards and let the fish through the looking glass, precision and fast thinking are needed.

This “Looking Glass” experience fits right in with the bigger story of Genshin Impact. As you finish the tasks in the Looking Glass, you realize that it’s not a separate quest, but a beautiful part of the whole game’s quest system. The way things have been put together shows that there is more to the “Search in the Algae Sea” quest. The Looking Glass encounter isn’t just a separate adventure; it’s also a key part of the bigger questline, which makes the story flow better and adds to the overall gaming experience.

Genshin Impact Looking Glass 2 – Orthant of Soul

Location: East Slopes of Mont Automnequi Waypoint.

As you swim past the ruins with the blue wall, go through the room with the storage machine and look to your left to see the Genshin Impact Looking Glass. Solve a puzzle by putting out some torches with a Hydro character and starting others on fire with a Pyro character. This will help the fish get into the picture. You can get better gaming prizes if you find a Luxurious Chest near the second storage machine.

Looking glass location
Looking Glass location

Genshin Impact Looking Glass 3 – Fort Charybdis Ruins

Location: Fort Charybdis Ruins Teleport Waypoint.

As you go up the stairs at the Fort Charybdis Ruins Teleport Waypoint, you’ll feel a sense of expectation as you go down into the heart of mystery. The Rockfond Rifthound, a powerful enemy, waits inside. This meeting with something from another world adds a thrilling new element to your quest and tests your skills and determination. When you defeat the guardian, you’ll find a Remarkable Chest sitting on top of a stone slab as a prize. At the end of this task, you’ll find both tangible rewards and the visual pleasure of seeing the fish gracefully end its journey through the painting. This will be the end of a successful chapter in your exploration of the Genshin Impact realm.

Genshin Impact Looking Glass 4 – Orthant of Wishes

Sequence: Follows completion of the Fort Charybdis Ruins Looking Glass.

Use the lift hidden behind the Genshin Impact Looking Glass in front of you to go down into the unknown and start your journey to the Orthant of Wishes. Your journey takes you through the maze-like basement, which is full of dangers and watched over by powerful Rifthounds. As you move through this underground world, you have two goals: get past the obstacles and make sure the fish can safely pass through the mysterious picture. As you move from one Genshin Impact Looking Glass to the next, the story stays connected, making Genshin Impact’s “Through the Looking Glass” quest even more engaging.

Looking Glass 5 – Orthant of Persona

Location: Southern side of the Tower of Ipsissimus Waypoint.

Swim to the opening to the Orthant of Persona on the southern side of the Tower of Ipsissimus Waypoint. There is a hidden Genshin Impact Looking Glass next to a big machine. When you find a Thundercraven Rifthound, you will have an exciting fight with it. The winner of the battle not only gets them entry to an Exquisite Chest, but they also move the fish through the painting’s many layers. When you open the box, you’ll find useful items that will help you on your next adventures in Genshin Impact’s huge and changing world. This strategic battle will not only test how good you are at fighting, but it will also give you big benefits that will make your journey through the Orthant of Persona more enjoyable.

Looking Glass 6 – Tower of Ipsissimus

Final Quest: Initiates the “Through the Looking Glass” hidden quest.

As you go down to the base of the Tower of Ipsissimus and see the final Genshin Impact Looking Glass, you will make a deep find. There are barriers in your way, and you have to get past each one to continue your journey. Through these tasks, you’ll find an Exquisite Chest, which is a sign of both strength and reward and a key point in the completion of your quest. Canotila, a mysterious figure whose presence sets the stage for a teleportation journey, is the last person the story meets. This meeting marks the end of the “Through the Looking Glass” quest, which gives you a sense of accomplishment and ends your Genshin Impact journey.

Complete the quest and get your rewards
Complete the quest and get your rewards


You will get a lot of rewards for completing this difficult task, such as Primogems, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Adventure EXP. With our detailed help, you can start this Genshin Impact quest and make sure you have a smooth and successful journey through the Genshin Impact Looking Glass to the hidden world. You can check different builds for Neuvillette, Furina, Dori, and Heizou.


Where can I start the “Through the Looking Glass” quest in Genshin Impact?

The quest begins at the bottom of the Tower of Ipsissimus after collecting the fifth Looking Glass.

How many Looking Glasses are there in the quest?

There are six Looking Glasses to be found and explored in different locations, each contributing to the quest’s progression.

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