Age of Frostfall Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Age of Frostfall guide will provide you with everything you need to know to survive in the harsh new world of Frostfall.

Age of Frostfall is a mobile strategy game in a world covered in winter. In this game, you are the ruler of your city, and your objective is to protect it from a group of frozen monsters known as the Unmelted. These creatures threaten humanity and want to wipe out all civilization.

To succeed in the Age of Frostfall, you must undertake various tasks. First, you must raise a dragon to become your powerful ally. This dragon will help you in battles and provide support to your army. You will also need to focus on building up your city, strengthening its defenses, and gathering resources to ensure its growth and survival.

As you progress in the game, you can train a battle-hardened army that will fight alongside your dragon. Additionally, you can recruit legendary heroes who possess unique abilities and skills. These heroes will play a crucial role in your quest for dominance. The Age of Frostfall Guide below will give you some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to become strong.

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Age of Frostfall Guide: Campaign Quests

Campaign quests form the backbone of your journey in the Age of Frostfall. You progress through the game by completing these quests and unlocking valuable rewards, including Golden Leaves, Wood, experience points, and more. To conquer campaign quests effectively, follow these strategies:

  1. Plan your resources: Before embarking on a quest, ensure you have enough resources, such as troops, heroes, and items, to tackle the challenges.
  2. Strategize your battles: Study the quest requirements and plan your battles accordingly. Deploy the right combination of troops and heroes to exploit enemy weaknesses and emerge victorious.
  3. Level up your heroes: Regularly invest experience points into your heroes to enhance their abilities. Strong heroes can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Age of Frostfall Guide: Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves are the primary currency in the Age of Frostfall, granting you access to troops, heroes, buildings, and other items. To amass a fortune in Golden Leaves, consider the following avenues:

  1. Quests: Engage in quests offered by the giver in your city or venture into the world to discover hidden quests. These quests yield Golden Leaves and provide opportunities for adventure and exploration.
  2. Battle victories: By attacking other players’ cities or participating in events, you can earn Golden Leaves as a reward for your triumphs on the battlefield. Develop effective battle strategies and hone your skills to maximize your earnings.
  3. Daily tasks: Regularly complete the tasks assigned by the quest giver in your city. While the Golden Leaf rewards may be modest, they accumulate over time and contribute to your overall progress.
  4. Real-money purchases: While not essential, you can expedite your progress by purchasing Golden Leaves using real money. However, remember that the game offers abundant opportunities to earn Golden Leaves organically so exercise discretion when considering this option.

Age of Frostfall Guide: Wood

Wood plays a vital role in the Age of Frostfall, facilitating the construction and upgrade of buildings within your city. To ensure a steady supply of wood, employ the following strategies:

  1. Tree chopping: Locate trees in the game world and use your axe to harvest them, yielding valuable wood resources. This direct approach allows you to obtain wood quickly and efficiently.
  2. Golden Leaf purchases: Should the need for wood be pressing, you can acquire it instantly with Golden Leaves from the in-game shop. Use this option judiciously and prioritize sustainable wood acquisition methods.
  3. Quest rewards: Many quests offer wood as a reward upon completion. Keep a keen eye out for such quests within your city and during your explorations.
  4. Battle victories: Engaging in battles with other players or participating in events may yield wood as spoils of war. Channel your strategic prowess and martial might to secure additional wood resources.

Upgrade Troops and Heroes

As you progress through the Age of Frostfall, you must upgrade your troops and heroes to overcome more significant challenges. Use Golden Leaves and other resources to upgrade your troops and heroes systematically. Focus on enhancing their abilities that align with your preferred battle strategies. Regularly assess the strength of your enemies and the requirements of new quests and events. 

Adjust your troop and hero upgrades accordingly to maintain a competitive edge. Age of Frostfall offers a diverse range of troops and heroes. Experiment with combinations and tactics to discover synergies to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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Seize Daily Rewards

Age of Frostfall generously rewards players who remain dedicated and log in daily. By logging in for seven consecutive days, you unlock various valuable rewards, including experience items, resources, summoning items, and more. Make it a habit to log in daily and claim your rewards. Ensure you do not miss a day to maintain progress and maximize the benefits. Plan your resource usage to align with the rewards you receive. Allocate the experience items and resources wisely to optimize your growth.

Nurture Your Dragon Egg for Unmatched Power

In Age of Frostfall, your dragon egg is a crucial ally in your battle against the Unmelted. To ensure its full potential, nurturing and caring for it properly is essential. Gather abundant resources to feed and strengthen your dragon when the time comes. The stronger your dragon becomes, the better equipped you’ll be to face the relentless onslaught of the Unmelted demons.

Forge Powerful Alliances for Greater Prosperity

One of the core elements of the Age of Frostfall is forming alliances. Joining or creating an alliance provides numerous benefits that can significantly impact your gameplay. By joining an alliance, you gain access to valuable resources, engaging events, and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other players. When seeking an alliance, consider the alliance’s application requirements and overall power level to ensure a compatible fit.

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Alternatively, consider creating your alliance and inviting friends or fellow players if you are up for a unique challenge. This grants you the freedom to customize the alliance according to your preferences and reap the rewards of investing time and energy into building the perfect team. Unite your forces and conquer the frozen world together!

Age of Frostfall Guide: Great Hall Affairs 

Within your kingdom’s Stronghold, the Great Hall is your heroes’ main throne room. Your main heroes will provide you with daily quests and affairs each day. These affairs give you choices, each offering different reward amounts and durations. To maximize your gains, always select the last option, which is the most extended duration. This choice rewards you with substantial resources, Summoning Horns, and more.

Once you complete the affairs, the icon at the entrance of your Stronghold will transform into a chest with a green checkmark, indicating completion. Remember to collect the rewards from each hero by tapping on their respective icons. Leveraging the Great Hall affairs efficiently will bolster your resources and strengthen your position in the game.

Engage in Strategic Battles against the Frozen Menace

While the frozen creatures known as the Unmelted are your enemies in the Age of Frostfall, they play a vital role in the game. These frozen adversaries constantly attempt to attack your dragon egg and often attack in groups, posing a formidable challenge. Engaging in battles with the Unmelted is crucial for taking control of your city and ensuring its safety.

Additionally, some of the frozen beings hold captured individuals. Eliminating these frozen enemies grants you victory and frees the captives. Their allegiance can be earned, and they will join you, providing valuable assistance and support. By strategically fighting the Unmelted, you expand your forces and fortify your position in the game.

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Age of Frostfall Guide: Resources 

Protecting your resources is vital in the Age of Frostfall, especially when your peace shield expires. Once your shield is down, other players may scout your city and launch frequent attacks. To mitigate this risk, it is essential to manage your resources effectively. Monitor the number of resources displayed on the top bar, ensuring they remain below the protection level of your Storehouse.

Upgrading your Storehouse increases its protection level, allowing you to store more resources safely. Doing so will fortify your city against potential attackers and safeguard your hard-earned progress. Remember, resource management is a critical aspect of maintaining dominance in the Age of Frostfall.

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